Megan Thee Stallion Subpoenas Ex-Best Friend’s Boyfriend in Shocking New Court Documents

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @myqueenmegan

Following Megan Thee Stallion’s big win against Tory Lanez, who has been convicted of one felony count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, having a loaded unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence, the Pressurelicious star is now going after her ex-best friend’s current boyfriend, who works for 1501 Certified Entertainment.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, the Houston native’s legal team states that Kelsey Harris’ boyfriend, Darien Smith is not employed with the label, leading her to issue a subpoena demanding that Smith be deposed before a trial that begins on August 7.

The documents further reveal that Megan Thee Stallion believes Smith holds vital information that could help her in her case against Carl Crawford, who owns the label; therefore, she is requesting that Smith hand over the information to her.

The 28-year-old further states that 1501 Certified Entertainment conspired with Harris to record a diss track, an allegation the label has repudiated.

“The allegations that 1501 has ‘maliciously collaborated’ in a ‘campaign to disparage [Megan]’ are as ludicrous as [Megan’s] refusal to listen to 1501 when it told her long ago that she was after the wrong Darien Smith,” the label told the publication.

It continues: “The label said it has never refused ‘to produce a corporate representative’ to testify regarding its publishing claim. Instead, 1501 has repeatedly asked [Megan’s] counsel to articulate what testimony [Megan] is seeking so that it might present an appropriate witness.”

Shine My Crown closely followed the Megan Thee Stallion vs. Tory Lanez case last December when shocking testimony revealed Harris wasn’t sure whether Tory shot Megan, adding that she wasn’t sure where the gunshot residue found on her hands came from.

When asked where the residue came from she said she didn’t know but “I just know I had it.”

Harris did admit that she was involved in a physical brawl with the WAP star inside the SUV where the alleged dispute happened between Megan and Tory, but suggested that they were drunk and “probably just bumped each other.”

Earlier in the day’s testimony, Megan’s attorneys presented texts Harris sent right after the shooting. The texts revealed that Tory attacked including a message stating “Tory shot Meg.”

Asked whether Tory paid her to keep quiet about the shooting, she responded, “No. I want to make it very clear … Tory didn’t pay me anything.”

Tory’s attorney’s further questioned whether Tory bribed her as she indicated in a September interview regarding the case. “I don’t remember what I said in September,” she said.

Lawyers then proceeded to ask why her story changed from what she told lawyers in September. She said that she was “receiving pressure.” She was then asked from what or whom.

“From everything,” she responded ambiguously.

Defense attorneys then proceeded to ask her who shot Megan.

“I don’t know,” she said. At the time of the shooting, the only members in the vehicle were Harris, Megan, Tory and the driver. There have been no implications that the driver fired the shots, which would mean that the one other people who could of shot Megan were Harris or Tory.

 She continued her testimony with one-word answers when asked if she was afraid of Tory.

“No,” she responded.

When asked if she had spoken to Tory, Meg or their attorneys, she said, “No.”

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