Raven-Symoné Is Calling For Removal Of Statute of Limitations On Violent Crimes: ‘Trauma Is Forever’

by Gee NY
Raven-Symoné attends Women's Image Network Awards at Saban Theatre on February 21, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images) Insert: Diddy.

Renowned actress, producer, singer, and songwriter Raven-Symoné calls for a significant change in the legal system, urging the government to remove the statute of limitations on violent crimes.

In a recent discussion on the Raven & Miranda podcast on YouTube, Symoné spoke passionately about the lifelong impact of trauma experienced by victims and stressed the need for justice regardless of time elapsed.

Symoné’s remarks came in response to the release of a viral video depicting rap mogul Sean Diddy Combs’ violent assault on Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura.

Addressing the incident, Symoné acknowledged longstanding rumors in the industry regarding Diddy’s behavior and expressed concern over the lack of legal consequences.

“I believe he’s distressed because he knows his wealth is about to deplete. While he may express remorse, the question remains—for what exactly? We can only hope it’s directed towards Cassie,” Symoné stated.

As Symoné began to turn the discussion to the potential legal ramifications of the assault, co-host Miranda revealed a startling fact: due to the statute of limitations, there would be no legal repercussions for Diddy’s actions, despite the recently surfaced video.

“There are no legal repercussions because of the statute of limitations. It’s been eight years, no one can charge anything against him,” Miranda explained to Symoné.

Surprised and dismayed by this revelation, Symoné expressed her frustration:

“That is disrespectful. That is something that I want to bring to the government. Trauma is forever. [The trauma] will always be in Cassie’s body.”

The 2016 surveillance footage, made public by CNN, depicts Sean “Diddy” Combs engaging in a violent altercation with his then-girlfriend Cassie in a California hotel.

Despite Diddy’s subsequent apology for his behavior, the absence of legal consequences due to the statute of limitations makes the urgency of Symoné’s call for reform valid.

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