Sneakers And Glam: Inside Remy Ma’s ‘Rem-derella’ 44th Birthday Party!

by Grace Somes
Remy Ma || Image credit: @remyma

Hip hop royalty Remy Ma celebrated her 44th birthday with a whimsical Cinderella-themed party, trading in her mic for a “glass” sneaker, literally.

Exclusivity was the theme of the night, as Remy Ma named the event ‘Remderella’ On the invitation. The dress code was a mix of elegance and street style, with guests donning ball gowns and trainers.

To top it off, a carriage and horses were arranged for Remy Ma’s grand entrance, adding a touch of enchantment to the evening.

Although the party’s specifics are still unknown, glimpses posted on social media point to an absolutely amazing evening. For the occasion, guests dressed to the nines in their finest ball gowns and tiaras, feeling very much like Cinderella. According to reports, the location itself was beautifully decorated, with sparkling lights and flowing curtains.

Remy invited her friends and close relatives to the celebration. If you were wondering, the answer is NO; her estranged husband, Papoose, was absent.

Last year, reports emerged that Papoose had allegedly confronted Remy’s new artist, Brooklyn rapper Eazy The Block Captain, backstage at a battle rap concert. The rumor mill suggested that Pap accused Eazy of having an affair with his wife. This incident appeared to ignite a series of events that have now unfolded.

Shortly after, an explosive 16-minute audio clip of Eazy telling a “friend” about his falling out with Pap was uploaded on YouTube.

Eazy claimed that Remy told him to keep their affair quiet during the conversation. It seems that Pap hit him in the face with a fist during a confrontation.
Eazy continued to rant about how he wanted to face Pap again because his punches didn’t hurt and how Remy had been coming over to his house a lot for months.

After this audio went viral, Papoose reportedly initiated proceedings to separate from Remy Ma.

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