Solange Is Set To Release A Jazzy Follow-Up Album

by Brittani Aiellieo

Over 2 years ago Solange stopped the internet with her Grammy award winning album A Seat at the table. Shifting popular culture with experimental visuals, powerful lyrics, and fashion forward aesthetics, ASATT remains an experience worth having from beginning to end. Executive produced by legendary craftsman Raphael Sadiq, sonically ASATT is one of the best adaptations of modernized R&B.

Riddled with political undertones, songs like  “Don’t Touch my Hair” , “F.U.B.U” and “Weary”  quickly became proclamations for black womanhood. Since its release Solange fans everywhere hoped for a follow up sooner or later. Later has now come and the Texas Bred singer divulged in an exclusive interview with The New York Times Style Magazine that Saint Records fans could be getting a new full length project as early as this fall. In the detailed editorial the singer opens up about the pressure she feels to compete with the success of her last project. The Blessing and subsequent curse of creating a timeless album is to create another shortly after. Cementing her status as an artist that reflects the times, music heads are wondering what to expect from her new project.

Will the continuation of ASATT remain politically charged but stylish? Will Solange tackle the Trump era and the relentless Me Too movement? Or will we get a completely different side of the R&Soul singer altogether? Will the visuals associated with this album continue the textured aesthetic that we enjoy so much?

Questions that need answers!

What we do know is that we can expect to hear a fusion of Jazz, House, and hard hitting beats that make your trunk knock, her unorthodox style mixed with her fine art approach is what people are desperately waiting for. The element of surprise alone is enough to keep her fans waiting to see what barriers she breaks next.

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