Syleena Johnson Confesses She’ll Still Stay Even If Her Husband Cheats

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Renowned singer Syleena Johnson has stirred a debate about relationship standards after revealing on her talk show, “Crowned,” that cheating is not a “dealbreaker” for her.

The candid discussion took place during an episode featuring co-hosts Vivica A. Fox, Chanel Scott, and Kendra G.

In a snippet shared on Johnson’s Instagram, Scott posed the question to the group, asking if infidelity is a decisive factor in a relationship.

To the surprise of many, Johnson responded with a clear “No,” emphasizing that her perspective is shaped by her 16-year marriage to former NBA player Kiwane Garris.

Explaining her stance, Johnson cited “different variables” influencing her decision, with a primary focus on their two sons, 16-year-old Kiwane Garris Jr. and 12-year-old Kingston Garris.

She expressed concern about the potential impact on their mental well-being if the family were to separate, particularly at crucial moments in their lives, such as Kingston’s formative years and her eldest son’s pursuit of a college basketball career.

While Johnson’s willingness to endure potential issues for the sake of her children received support from some quarters, others criticized her decision, suggesting it sends a problematic message about acceptable behavior in relationships. Commenters expressed concerns about the potential normalization of mishandling women and breaking vows.

“Soooo teach your sons that it’s ok to mishandle women and your vows because mommy is going to stay? This is a loaded question I do understand her point to some degree but it’s also teaching your sons that this behavior is ok,” someone said.

Another commenter stated:

“It’s detrimental for kids to see their Mom or Dad in pain too. It’s also possible the cheating will NEVER stop. Then what. The parents can co parent with properly and the children will be fine.”

Others suggested that everyone has “taken back a cheater,” while some accused Johnson of sacrificing her happy to stay married.

“And this is why folks be unhappily married fr years!!” wrote one IG user. “A lot of ppl stay married bcuz of the kids. Hey if it works fr u then we love it,” and another said, “I tip my hat to a lot of yall women. Y’all built differently. If I was married and my wife cheated, that’s automatically grounds for divorce for me. I’d walk away peacefully.”

The discussion also touched upon Johnson’s admission of emotional infidelity in the past, revealed during a 2015 appearance on We TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”

Despite challenges, Johnson and Garris, who had previously been in therapy, have since moved forward as a seemingly solid couple.

The controversy surrounding Johnson’s perspective has ignited a broader conversation about the complexities of relationships, with varying opinions on whether prioritizing family unity is commendable or compromises personal well-being.

The singer’s openness on the topic has sparked dialogue about societal expectations and the challenges couples face, especially in the public eye.

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