TikTok Star’s Nine-Month Journey With Her Parents On A Cruise Ship Goes Viral: “Most Epic World Cruise To Ever Set Sail”

by Gee NY

Brandee Lake from Los Angeles, California, has become a TikTok sensation as she embarks on what’s touted as the “most epic world cruise to ever set sail.”

The nine-month journey, promising to traverse more than 60 countries across all seven continents, has captivated millions on social media.

Under the hashtag #ultimateworldcruise, videos documenting the extravagant voyage have garnered over 353 million views on TikTok.

Brandee, accompanied by her parents and sister, reflects on the unexpected online fame, telling the BBC:

“It’s wild to me that people really find our lives so interesting because we just came on a vacation.”

While the cruise comes with a hefty price tag, starting at nearly $59,000 per person, Brandee reveals she could afford the holiday through a “living inheritance” from her parents.

Despite the cost, the ship is bustling with passengers, many sharing their journey online.

The TikTok fascination reached new heights when accounts not on the cruise began documenting the onboard “drama,” turning the experience into what feels like a reality show, according to fellow cruiser Angela Linderman.

As the online interest grew, it even influenced the ship’s services.

Brandee told the BBC’s Reliable Sauce that she couldn’t initially get her braids done at the salon, but thanks to follower comments, the cruise now has a stylist for black hair.

The social media pressure has pushed for inclusivity in offerings!

Passengers on this cruise ship aresailing around the world. Image Credit: Getty

While responding to rumors about the trip ending early due to tensions in the Middle East, Brandee clarifies that the itinerary changed but the tour isn’t ending prematurely, just altering course.

With influencers joining the trip for short stints due to the surge in followers, the “Ultimate World Cruise” is shaping up to be a unique and widely followed adventure.

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