Letitia James Announces Allocation Of $112 Million Juul Settlement Funds To Combat Youth Vaping

by Gee NY

New York Attorney General Letitia James has provided an update on the allocation of $112.7 million from a settlement with Juul Labs Inc., earmarked to combat underage vaping across the state.

The settlement, part of a larger $462 million agreement with several states and Washington, D.C., addresses allegations that Juul marketed addictive nicotine products to youth.

As of Wednesday, June 12, 2024, James’ office disclosed that $27.1 million of the settlement has been distributed, with $12 million allocated to New York City and nearly $15 million to the New York City School District.

These funds are designated to bolster initiatives to prevent and reduce underage vaping.

According to James’ office, the remaining funds will be distributed to every county, the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and the five largest cities in New York.

The funds are mandated to support programs in five key areas: public education campaigns, community-, school-, and university-based anti-vaping programs, vaping cessation services, enforcement of vaping laws, and public health research on youth e-cigarette use and the effectiveness of anti-vaping measures.

“JUUL created a nationwide public health crisis by sparking a wave of addiction among children,” James stated. “Thanks to our efforts to hold JUUL accountable, New York City will receive over $27 million for valuable programs to fight back against the youth vaping epidemic.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams emphasized the importance of these funds in addressing the crisis caused by Juul’s actions.

“Today, we are taking millions in dollars from JUUL Labs and investing it directly into the community and in our youth through prevention, education, and enforcement efforts,” Adams remarked.

The settlement with Juul also includes stringent restrictions on marketing practices aimed at youth, prohibiting the use of individuals under 35 in promotional material and limiting the number of product purchases both in-store and online.

Juul has not yet responded to requests for comment on the recent developments.

In April 2023, Juul indicated that settlements with state attorneys general were part of their commitment to resolving past issues, enhancing efforts to combat underage use, and developing cessation programs.

Despite recent regulatory changes, including the FDA’s decision to reverse a ban on Juul’s e-cigarette products pending further review, concerns about the impact on youth health continue to drive legislative and enforcement efforts.

The distribution of funds from the Juul settlement underscores ongoing efforts to mitigate the public health consequences of youth vaping and hold manufacturers accountable for their role in fueling addiction among minors.

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