After Apologizing for Disparaging Remarks, Chika Doubles Down on Hateful Remarks About Zonnique and her Daughter  

by Xara Aziz
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Following a report Shine My Crown published Tuesday about Chika going on an online rampage tearing apart Zonnique’s child and T.I. and Tiny’s grandchild for crying on a red-eye flight, the Alabama rapper has doubled down on her remarks shortly after apologizing after the initial incident took place.

On Wednesday, Chika went back on Twitter stating that she had met someone she had “fallen in love” with, then shared an image of the two with matching tattoos.

In the comments, a user commented. “Who cares. Did you apologize to that mom and children?”

The comment caused the rapper to lash out.

“Why would i do that? It wouldn’t be sincere. i’m sorry you saw it. i’m not sorry for saying what i said cuz it wasn’t personal. it was venting about a scenario/stranger. idc like that.”

She then said that Tiny had insulted her after the initial issue arose so by clapping back she is even.

“this internet shit ain’t real,” CHIKA continued, to which one commenter referred to her as “a musty heaux” who needed to “get some soap.”

“Imagine commenting on the scent of someone you can’t afford to sit beside,” Chika wrote in a retweet: “btw, like i said on my story: shawty was tryna get her lick back cuz i called her and her children a plethora of names in jest. but bitch, i showered 30 min prior to boarding and my clothes were fresh out the dryer. you saw fat & thought, “lemme attribute a smell to her body.”

She concluded: “And that’s why it’s STILL fuck your kids. i complained (rudely) for a real reason. you and your busted ass nanny just chose to be trash & lie on the internet. again, choke.”

On June 3, Chika came under fire after she took to Twitter to rant about “screaming toddlers” while she was seated first-class on a red-eye flight. Little did she know that one of the children was Hunter, Zonnique’sdaughter.

She had posted that she was frustrated that two toddlers had interrupted her beauty rest because they began crying while on the flight.

“[The] lady next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first class seats on a red-eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her,” she tweeted, which has since been deleted. “I just bought $34 WiFi at 4am to call you a stupid bi**h. [P.S.], I hate you and I hope you get a paper cut between each finger tomorrow, you senseless wench.”

She went on to inquire about the mental health of the mother, stating “what makes you think a 1 y/o will shut their bit*h a*s up?” She then proceeded to call the mom a h*e and wished that she would choke.

When the backlash began to ensue after her tweet, the Can’t Explain It rapper took to Instagram to rub more salt on the wound she caused.

“Stay mad,” she said. “Being upset at a person ranting about an annoying baby that woke them up at 4 am is a cute way to make you feel like you’re morally superior to someone. you’re literally not. like I been saying, I wasn’t rude to her and that’s what I’m good with.”

The 26-year-old continued: “I have the decency to be mad externally somewhere else. my only mistake was doing it on Twitter. I don’t feel bad cuz the response is disproportionate to the mistake. but like… do ur thing, internet. y’all already ain’t like me this ain’t nothing new.”

But it appears she came back to reality shortly after when she apologized to those she offended, stating in a video that she had experienced a manic episode when she went off the rails, adding that she just wanted to sleep after a long day.

“Posting because I think it’s important & because I understand that people who actually do want to support me were also offended by my inflammatory thread yesterday,” the mental health advocate wrote. “[I’m] sorry cuz it was triggering/infuriating to many. I just don’t like being seen as someone [I’m] not.”

It was too late, though. Enter Zonnique, who got wind of the melee and decided to chime in.

“[Wait] I’m in tearssss not chika boo was mad my child was cutting up in first class. You should of just sat there and been mad babe..she sky priority af,” she tweeted.

Tamara Zachery, the mother to the other child who cried during the flight also weighed in.

“You’re upset because she woke up for 3 mins crying out her sleep like most fuki*g children and I did immediately calm her by holding her and talking to her because it was dark as hell!!,” Tamara wrote. “can’t believe you are that insensitive when she woke up once on a 5hr flight from LA And second off it wasn’t your seat from the beginning. You switched with someone else and sat your fat a*s next to me and let me express the funk that you brought on top of that !”

Tamara added: “Crazy sh*t was it was you in my ear saying those girls are so good before she woke up out her sleep scared crying because it was pitch black and her tv had gone off so she was startled. I appreciate all the things you wish for me and I can’t wait to see your a** again in person bi**h ! You just mad a woman and two children could afford 1st class next to a peasant such as yourself. You fake bit*h in person!”

Chika has not responded to neither Zonnique nor Tamara’s comments.

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