An Introverts Guide to Staying In

by Yah Yah
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The coronavirus has pretty much killed the social lives of millions, perhaps billions of people around the world. Still, the new recommended guidelines from the CDC and from the White House will not ruffle the feathers of any seasoned introvert as they are used to being cooped up indoors.

Introverts prefer staying indoors. And for good reason. Home is safe. Home is fun — and there are plenty of things introverts find to do while their friend are out hitting the town.

Here a few tips on how extroverts can survive the extended nationwide lock-in.

Books. Books. Books.

In these modern times, there is literally no excuse not to get our reading on. Whether you prefer curling up with a traditional hardback copy of your favorite book, or whether you prefer reading via a digital device, reading is a must.

As you already know, reading helps to grow your vocabulary, improve memory, provide mental stimulation as well as help to reduce stress — so why shouldn’t we do way more reading if we have the time?

Also, consider taking up an audiobook subscription. It’s not reading per se, but they are highly enjoyable to listen to before you call it quits for the night.

Get You A ‘Watchlist’

We probably all have a Netflix subscription. Any true introvert will have, at any given time, a “watchlist” of television shows, documentaries, movies, and even YouTube videos ready to go for whenever they can fit in any quiet time.

Introverts don’t like chaos. So the list eliminates any frustration around not knowing what to watch. The simplest of hacks, highly underrated but extremely effective strategy.

Check out Strong Black Lead for some of your favorite Black shows.

*Also consider taking out a TIDAL subscription if you don’t already have one. The platform is Black-owned and they update their personalized playlists several times a week, which are always on point.

Take Regular Social Media Breaks

There is always a lot of information and misinformation on the internet. Always. And the coronavirus pandemic has created a level of panic that many of us have never before seen, but taking a break from social media news is important for your mental well-being.

Of course, pay attention to the updates, but don’t OD on it. After checking new sources for any vital information and/or guidance, try sticking to the things online that will help to make you laugh and feel good inside. If you can, try taking a few hours away from social media.

Whatever you do — do not overdose on coronavirus reports. Get your updates and keep it moving!

Keep The Snacks On Deck

You gotta have snacks. You gotta. Coronavirus or not, having a healthy snack stash will brighten your mood if you’re having a bad day. Fortunately, nobody seems to be paying much attention to the snack aisles, and the focus right now is on household products — so your favorite granola bar or tub of ice cream may still be available at your local store or supermarket.

Buy Black.

The United States Postal Service is still running, which means that any Black business owners are still accepting orders and are shipping out. Many of us went ham in the supermarket, our local stores and even on Amazon at the height of the coronavirus panic, and as the confusing messages from the government continue to circulate, the more frantic we’ve become.

Small businesses are likely to be hit hard over these next few weeks, but Charmin and Lysol and all the other brands whose products have been bought out, are sitting pretty at least for the time being.

Let’s do the same for Black businesses and support each other so that they can breathe a little during this dark period.

And lastly, whatever you do, try to have relax!

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