Abrielle Baldwin: 23-Year-Old Mom Shot And Killed While Holding Her Baby During Argument Over Christmas Presents

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A family Christmas gathering took a dark turn when 23-year-old Abrielle Baldwin lost her life on Christmas Eve in Largo, Florida, after an argument over Christmas presents escalated into a fatal shooting.

The incident involved Abrielle’s teenage brothers, Damarcus Coley, 14, and Darcus Coley, 15, both now facing charges of murder.

The tragic incident unfolded at their grandmother’s home in Largo, where the family had gathered for Christmas. Abrielle, a mother of two, accompanied by her brothers, went shopping with their mother, Joyce, and Abrielle’s two children—a six-year-old son and an 11-month-old baby boy.

Upon returning home, tensions escalated into a heated argument between the siblings, reportedly triggered by dissatisfaction over the distribution of Christmas presents.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County stated that the argument took a fatal turn, involving firearms, resulting in the loss of Abrielle’s life.

Police believe Damarcus Coley, the 14-year-old brother, initiated the shooting by pulling out a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun during the argument. The situation intensified as Damarcus allegedly threatened to shoot his older brother, leading to their uncle intervening and removing Damarcus from the home.

Outside the house, Abrielle, who was holding her 11-month-old son in a baby carrier, confronted Damarcus, urging him to stop the argument. Damarcus, however, continued with derogatory language and threats, culminating in him allegedly shooting Abrielle in the chest.

In a chaotic sequence of events, the older brother, Darcus, ran out of the house, screaming about Abrielle being shot. He then allegedly shot Damarcus with his own .45 caliber pistol. Darcus fled the scene, disposing of his weapon in a nearby yard and contacting his mother.

Abrielle Baldwin succumbed to her injuries, and both brothers were transported to the hospital. Damarcus underwent surgery, and charges of first-degree murder, child abuse, and delinquency in possession of a firearm may be levied against him as an adult. Darcus faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence.

This gun, which police believe was stolen from a car was used to kill Abrielle

Sheriff Gualtieri expressed concern about young individuals having easy access to firearms, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention to curb gun violence among juveniles. Both brothers had a history of encounters with law enforcement, and the sheriff called for a strong response to prevent further tragedies.

The incident sheds light on the devastating consequences of gun violence within families and raises questions about the accessibility of firearms to juveniles, prompting a broader discussion about preventive measures and accountability.

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