Ciara Imani May: Founder of Plant-Based Braiding Hair Believes Extensions Shouldn’t Be Toxic!

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Ciara Imani May

Ciara Imani May, the founder of Rebundle Hair, is pioneering plant-based braiding hair that prioritizes sustainability and health.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainable living, the conversation often overlooks one area: haircare, particularly the environmental impact of synthetic hair extensions.

That is why Rebundle, the first-ever plant-based faux hair brand, is offeriing an innovative solution to the environmental and health concerns associated with traditional hair extensions.

May’s vision for Rebundle goes beyond just providing an alternative; it’s about redefining the future of haircare by offering a safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly option for braiding hair.

May’s journey towards sustainability began in 2019 when she sought to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Recognizing the waste generated by conventional haircare routines, especially within the Black community, she saw an opportunity to address both health and environmental disparities in the hair extensions industry.

“We had to address both the health and environmental disparities in the hair extensions industry and create an alternative that was better for your scalp and equally better for the environment,” May explained in an interview with Ebony.

One of the key challenges in the pursuit of sustainability, according to May, is navigating greenwashing and ensuring genuine commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Through meticulous research and testing, Rebundle ensures that its products meet rigorous safety and sustainability standards.

“We underwent lengthy testing to confirm that our products were safe for the skin,” May said. “Braidbetter is microbiome-friendly and tested for toxicity and formaldehyde, ensuring that our products are safe for long-term use.”

Rebundle’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product line. The company actively engages in waste diversion efforts, collecting plastic synthetic hair to be recycled into various products, including outdoor furniture and decking.

“Through our recycling program, we collect plastic synthetic hair to decrease the time it spends in landfills,” said May told Ebony last year. “Currently, we have collected almost 400 pounds of synthetic hair to be recycled.”

May’s pioneering efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Since its inception, Rebundle has raised $2.1 million towards its mission of revolutionizing the haircare industry.

By offering a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional hair extensions, May is not only championing sustainability but also empowering individuals to make conscious choices for their health and the planet.

May’s Rebundle is a small step for a greener and healthier future, but a giant leap for haircare.

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