Domestic Violence Network Launches ‘Beyond Equity’ Plan to Address Generational Trauma Among Black Women

by Gee NY

To combat generational trauma among Black women, the Domestic Violence Network, based in Indianapolis, is set to unveil its innovative ‘Beyond Equity’ Plan.

The three-year community-wide initiative aims to provide healing and resources, with the pilot program scheduled to launch in March 2024.

The Domestic Violence Network, inspired by conversations with Black women and trans women students at Arsenal Tech High School, has garnered community support for the comprehensive plan.

The initiative focuses on addressing the deep-rooted impact of domestic violence, with a particular emphasis on supporting survivors like Jimmie Bridges.

Jimmie Bridges, a mother of five, shared her personal experience of enduring verbal and physical abuse from her husband for over a decade.

She emphasized the importance of empowering women of color to recognize their voices and break the cycle of abuse for the well-being of future generations.

“I had to choose my children, also. I didn’t want them to keep growing up in the environment of abuse because it trickles on down. It had to end somewhere, and it had to start with me,” said Bridges.

The ‘Beyond Equity’ plan encompasses various elements, including support groups, training for service providers and community members, and the introduction of a “restorative justice program.” Notably, even domestic abusers are encouraged to participate in the initiative.

Domestic violence has disproportionately affected communities of color, and some advocates consider it a racial justice issue. Black women are three times more likely to be fatally shot by an intimate partner compared to their white counterparts.

Rebecca Berry, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Domestic Violence Network, highlighted that the plan would delve into the root causes behind these alarming statistics.

By understanding the societal impacts on culture, the initiative aims to provide survivors with avenues for justice, truth, and healing outside the confines of the traditional criminal justice system.

The ‘Beyond Equity’ plan is scheduled to kick off with a Community-Wide Plan 6.0 launch event on January 9 at the Martin University Gathertorium in Indianapolis from 11 am to 12:30 pm EST.

This marks a significant step toward addressing generational trauma and fostering a supportive community for those impacted by domestic violence.

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