From Hair To Bae? Lil Wayne’s Daughter Accused Of ‘Snatching’ Slayology’s Boyfriend

by Grace Somes
Reginae Carter and Kaleah Slay || Image credit: @itsreginaecarter @slayologyco

Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne’s daughter, is in an alleged love triangle with her hairstylist Kaleah Slay’s boyfriend.

It was the fans who first noticed something amiss when Reginae was seen on a shopping spree with a mystery man. Their eagle-eyed observations quickly revealed him to be Kaleah Slay’s on-and-off boyfriend.

This news comes after Reginae split from her ex, Ar’mon Warren, whom she dated from 2022 to 2023. On her 24th birthday, Ar’mon Warren surprised her with a romantic pre-birthday celebration. Videos and snapshots of the actress’s bedroom filled with roses, balloons, and gifts quickly went viral.

But before entangling with Warren, Reginae cut ties with her er prison-bound ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci. 

Earlier this year, the 25-year-old clarified her relationship status via social media.

Reginae responded after fans questioned whether she would wait for Lucci to finish serving his time in prison. The ‘Destined’ rapper agreed to a plea of 10 years in prison and has been in custody since surrendering in January 2021.

“I hate doing this, but some ppl are confused. I’m not tied to no man. I’m single. I’m tired of the speculations. And I’m not looking back. At all. Send me everything new!”

Well, she’s found someone new, alright, as paparazzi captured and reshared the neighborhood talk on the media blog. The short clip shows Reginae sliming broadly once she was identified as Lil Wayne’s daughter.

But something other than the toothy smile caught people’s eye as they quickly identified the young man she was with as the owner of the famous salon, Slayology’s, man.

“Moon cosmetics old nigga & slayology off & on nigga ew. Definitely a downgrade. I know Armon is somewhere laughing,” a fan commented.

Another added, “He was just in a relationship with Slayology. They were dating for like a year, and before her, he was with Paramoonx. He was using them women. They were cashing out on him too. Paramoonx brought him a hellcat and all jewelry and name-brand clothes 😂😂😂😂 it’s all on her old YouTube vlogs .. and it’s wild because Slayology used to do Reginae’s hair 😂😂😂😂.”

Reginae has remained relatively silent on the subject and has yet to address the allegations.

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