Afro Puffs: Hairstyles, How-To & All You Need To Know

by Shine My Crown Staff
Alias: Space Buns, Double puffs,Twin puffs,Pom-pom puffs,Fro puffs

As an enduring symbol of cultural pride and self-expression, Afro Puffs hold a special place in the canon of hairstyles popular among people of African descent. Simply put, Afro Puffs are rounded or dome-shaped hairdos created by gathering hair into a puff-like formation. They can be fashioned in numerous ways, making them a versatile choice for those with natural Afro-textured hair.

Afro Puffs Throughout History

The cultural resonance of Afro Puffs is as significant as the style itself. For generations, Afro Puffs have been a powerful symbol of the beauty of natural Black hair. Not merely a hairstyle, they act as a statement of pride, underscoring a deeper connection to African heritage and cultural identity.

The popularity of Afro Puffs dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, a period marked by cultural revolution and a resurgence of Black pride. Amidst this backdrop, Afro Puffs became a symbol of Black beauty and resistance against societal norms that deemed European hair traits as the ideal.

Different afro puffs hairstyles

The adoption of Afro Puffs and similar hairstyles played a crucial role in the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements. Afro Puffs served as a visible marker of African ancestry and Black identity. These styles became a part of a larger cultural shift, emphasizing the idea that Black features, including natural hair, are inherently beautiful and worthy of celebration.

Symbol of Black Beauty, Culture, and Empowerment

Fast forward to the present day, the significance of Afro Puffs remains undiminished. They continue to be a potent symbol of Black beauty, culture, and empowerment. Afro Puffs continue to defy societal beauty norms, reinforcing the importance of embracing natural Black hair. As a result, they remain an integral part of Black hair culture, encouraging self-expression and individuality.

The Afro Puffs Hairstyle

Afro Puffs involve the process of gathering one’s hair into spherical formations that resemble “puffs.” These puffs can be styled in various ways, based on personal preference, lending the style its versatility. Afro Puffs stand for self-expression, cultural identity, and the celebration of natural Black hair.

Stylish Aspects of Afro Puffs

Afro Puffs are versatile, adaptable to varying lengths and textures of natural hair. From casual wear to formal occasions, they provide an effortlessly chic and stylish option. They can be designed as a single puff, double puffs (also known as “space buns”), or even multiple puffs, depending on the wearer’s style and preference.

Hair Types Suited for Afro Puffs

Natural hair comes in different textures, from wavy and curly to coily and kinky. Understanding one’s hair type is crucial when styling Afro Puffs as each hair type requires a unique approach. The beauty of Afro Puffs lies in their adaptability, making them suitable for all Afro-textured hair types, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique hair characteristics.

Young model with afro puffs hairstyle

Products Needed for Styling Afro Puffs

Creating and maintaining Afro Puffs necessitates a number of styling products that not only ensure a beautiful finish but also provide necessary care for Afro-textured hair. These may include:

  1. Wide-toothed comb or detangling brush: These tools help in effectively detangling hair without causing breakage.
  2. Hydrating leave-in conditioner: To maintain moisture and improve manageability.
  3. Hair bands or ties: For securing the puffs in place.
  4. Edge control or styling gel: These provide hold and help in creating sleek, neat puffs.
  5. Hair oil: For sealing in moisture and adding a healthy sheen to your puffs.

Choosing the Right Products According to Hair Type and Preferences

Choosing the right products for Afro Puffs can significantly affect the end result. It’s important to consider one’s hair type (curly, coily, or kinky) and personal style preferences when choosing products. For example, individuals with kinkier hair types might need more hydrating products, while those aiming for a sleek look may opt for stronger hold gels or creams.

70s Afro Puffs style

How to Make Beautiful Afro Puffs

Step 1: Prep and Detangle

  • Start with clean, moisturized hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to gently remove any knots or tangles.

Step 2: Section and Secure

  • Divide your hair into two or more sections, depending on how many puffs you want.
  • Gather each section and secure it into a high ponytail using hair ties or hairbands.
  • Adjust the tightness and positioning of the puffs to your preference.

Step 3: Fluff and Shape

  • Fluff each puff by gently pulling the hair outward to create volume and fullness.
  • Use your fingers or a pick comb to shape the puffs into rounded or oval shapes.

Step 4: Secure and Style

  • If needed, use bobby pins to secure any loose or flyaway strands.
  • Apply edge control or gel along the hairline to smooth down edges (optional).
  • Finish by accessorizing your Afro puffs with colorful hairbands, bows, or other decorative items.

Step 5: Overnight Maintenance

  • Pineapple your Afro puffs by gathering them into a high ponytail on top of your head.
  • Secure the ponytail with a satin scrunchie or hairband to prevent friction and preserve the shape while you sleep.

Braided Afro Puffs

When it comes to expressing your style, Afro Puffs offer a versatile canvas for creativity. One of the hottest trends in recent years is the incorporation of braids, adding an extra dimension to this classic hairstyle.

Braids offer a chance to showcase your unique personality and style while also protecting your hair. Incorporating them into your Afro Puffs not only gives your hairstyle an extra flair but also opens up a world of possibilities, from cornrows and box braids to goddess braids and beyond.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Braided Afro Puffs

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to creating your Braided Afro Puffs:

  • Preparation: Start with clean, detangled hair.
  • Sectioning: Depending on your desired look, divide your hair into sections.
  • Braiding: Braid each section, securing the ends to keep them intact.
  • Creating the Puffs: Gather each section into a puff, ensuring the braids are visible.
  • Styling: Finish off with any necessary styling products to maintain the hold and shine of your Afro Puffs.
Afro Puffs Hairstyles & How to make Afro Puffs

Afro Puffs for Different Hair Lengths & Textures

How to Achieve Afro Puffs with Short Hair

Creating Afro Puffs on short hair requires a bit of patience and technique. By using a combination of styling gel and a small brush, you can gently brush and gather your hair into a puff. Secure it with a band, and voila! You have a short Afro Puff.

Make Afro Puffs Look Fuller

If you’re aiming for fuller-looking Afro Puffs, fluffing and picking out your puffs will create the illusion of volume. Also, using a good volumizing product can help add body to your puffs.

Afro Puff Style for Different Hair Textures

Afro Puffs are versatile and can be adapted to suit different hair textures. Those with curlier hair might find their puffs have a naturally round shape, while coily and kinky hair types might lend themselves to more voluminous, fluffy puffs. Regardless of your hair texture, Afro Puffs can be styled in a way that celebrates your unique natural hair.

10 Trendy Afro Puff Hairstyles

As a versatile and stylish hairstyle, Afro Puffs offer a wide variety of options to cater to your individual aesthetic. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple and sleek look or something more adventurous.

  • Puffy Afro Pigtails: A playful, youthful look. Divide your hair into two sections and secure each with a band to create pigtails. Fluff out each section to your desired volume.
  • Mohawk Afro Puff: An edgy hairstyle that makes a bold statement. Braid or slick the sides of your hair upwards, creating a central puff in a mohawk style.
  • Afro Puff with Braids: A combination of styles for extra flair. Braid parts of your hair and gather the rest into a puff.
  • Triple Afro Puffs: A unique look perfect for any occasion. Divide your hair into three sections (one at the front and two at the back) and secure each into a puff.
  • Afro Puff with Twists: Adding twists gives your puff a more defined texture. Twist parts of your hair before gathering it into a puff.
  • Double Bun Afro Puffs: A chic, elegant look. Create two Afro Puffs and twist each into a bun.
  • Side-Swept Afro Puff: A stylish option that adds a touch of glam. Sweep your hair to one side and secure it into a puff.
  • Afro Puff Updo: A sophisticated style suitable for formal occasions. Gather your hair upwards into a high puff.
  • Single High Afro Puff: A classic, simple style. Gather all your hair at the crown and secure into a single puff.
  • Afro Puff with Undercut: A modern, trendy look. Trim the sides and back of your hair, leaving the top section for creating a puff.


1. What are Afro puffs?
Afro puffs are a versatile and stylish hairstyle characterized by voluminous, rounded puffs of hair. They are popular among people with natural hair and can be achieved by gathering the hair into two or more puffs on the crown or sides of the head.

2. How can I make my Afro puffs look fuller?
To make your Afro puffs look fuller, you can use techniques like fluffing your hair, gently picking it near the roots to add volume, or using styling products specifically designed to enhance volume and texture.

3. Can I achieve Afro puffs with short hair?
Yes, even with shorter hair, you can create mini Afro puffs by sectioning off small portions of your hair and securing them into puffs using hair ties or clips. Alternatively, you can use hair extensions or accessories to add volume and create the illusion of larger puffs.

4. How do I maintain my Afro puffs overnight?
To maintain your Afro puffs overnight, you can pineapple your hair by gathering it into a high ponytail on top of your head and securing it with a satin scrunchie or hairband. This helps to preserve the shape and volume of your puffs while you sleep.

Rock your fabulous Afro puffs with confidence and embrace the beauty of your natural hair! Remember to adapt the tutorial based on your hair length, texture, and personal style preferences. Enjoy your stunning Afro puffs!

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