Internet React To Nene Leakes At The Baddies Audition In Miami: “Sad She’s Doing Anything For A Check Now”

by Grace Somes
Nene Leakes || Image credit: @neneleakes

Many fans say Nene Leakes has “fallen far from grace” after snippets of her hosting the Baddies Caribbean auditions in Miami dropped. 

Nene Leakes has returned to reality television, but not in the way fans hoped. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is set to host the upcoming “Baddies Caribbean” auditions after recently hosting the “Baddies East” reunion show on Zeus Network alongside Janeisha John.

Leakes joined the “RHOA” franchise in 2008 and left permanently in 2020. She was a leading cast member for the first seven seasons before becoming a recurring character in season eight.

 In April 2022, NeNe Leakes sued Bravo and NBC Universal over working conditions. She felt she “wasn’t getting fair treatment.”

Before the lawsuit, the reality star had informed her fans that she was leaving “RHOA” on her own terms, disquieting rumors about her being fired

“I have made the hard and very difficult decision not to be a part of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 13. I have been on an extremely long, exhausting, tiring, emotional negotiation. There has been a lot of emotion flying on both sides,” Nene Leakes said in a video.

The reality star reportedly earned $2.85 million for her work on the show last year. However, the two-time Broadway actress believed she deserved more. 

Explaining the situation during an interview with Carlos King on Reality with the King, Leaks said she was angry after getting phased out for Season 13 of the reality series and being offered six episodes.

However, Leakes has continued to criticize the network, citing that white homemakers get preferential treatment. 

After “RHOA,” this is the second time Leakes has been on the Baddies show, but still, reactions were mixed. 

“Nene went from acting on network shows to hosting the auditions for Baddies. God, I pray my ego or attitude never let me fall so far from grace 😢. This is sad!” a fan wrote in the post’s comments.

Another added, “Going from bravo to Zeus is dusty work 🥴.”

Some fan said, “Nene, just doing anything for a check now.”

Should Nene keep getting the bag, or should she rise up? 

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