Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s Baby Monaco Melts Hearts Practicing Vietnamese In Adorable Video

by Grace Somes
Baby Monaco and Jeannie Mai || Image credit: @thejeanniemai

Baby Monaco, the adorable little child of Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, is already capturing people’s hearts online. The internet is buzzing over a precious video that captures Monaco attempting to speak Vietnamese alongside her mom.

The well-known Vietnamese-American television personality Jeannie Mai is unmistakably transferring her cultural heritage to her daughter amid a messy divorce from her ex-husband, Jeezy.

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy have been entangled in divorce and custody dealings for months.

After two years of marriage, the couple announced their separation, and the divorce process has since taken a negative turn.

In court documents, Mai stated that during their marriage, Jeezy had physically abused her.

But Jeezy, who initiated the divorce filing, referred to the couple’s marriage as “irretrievably broken,” stating that there was “no hope for reconciliation.”

Furthermore, according to the document, Monaco’s father, who was already a father of two children from previous relationships, wanted to share joint legal custody of Monaco.

In subsequent legal documents, the 46-year-old rapper asked for joint physical and legal custody of his daughter with the specific parenting time schedule “be determined by the Court consistent with the best interest of the minor child.”

Although her parents have yet to agree about her guardianship, baby Monaco is sharing delightful moments with her mother, Jeannie Mai.

The heartwarming video shows Monaco babbling along as Jeannie teaches her basic Vietnamese phrases. From what we can gather, Monaco confidently tries her hand at her multilingualism, leaving viewers in awe of her linguistic potential.

The cuteness factor explodes when Monaco struggles to pronounce sand, crinkling her nose in concentration. Then, she gave the correct answer with renewed confidence.

Jeannie responds with the infectious laughter only a proud parent can possess, showcasing the undeniable love and connection between mother and daughter.

Social media is flooded with fans’ comments about the adorable video, such as “She literally looks like both of them!!!”

“A mother spending time with her daughter and teaching her another language. How can you hate that? Lol, beautiful,” another fan commented.

Someone added, “Her child’s skin is flawless. #2 It’s amazing seeing her child being raised bilingual; I love it 😍. #3 This is overall adorable.”

With her endearing demeanor and developing linguistic abilities, Baby Monaco is sure to continue melting hearts and taking the internet by storm with each giggle and new word she picks up!

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