Pamela Moses: Woman Formerly Incarcerated And A BLM Activist Declares Independent Candidacy For U.S. Senate in Tennessee

by Gee NY

Pamela Moses, renowned activist for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and a former mayoral candidate in Memphis, has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee as an independent candidate.

Moses made the bold announcement in a live podcast video in late December, emphasizing her commitment to bringing about change at the highest level.

Despite facing legal challenges and a tumultuous past, Moses aims to represent her home state, launching a Facebook page for her campaign and rallying volunteers to support her candidacy and fundraising endeavors.

In her announcement, she highlighted her deep connection to Tennessee and her extensive activism, stating:

“I’m the founder of BLM Tennessee and the Memphis chapter, and I was falsely imprisoned by [a] District Attorney who was considered by Harvard to be the most vindictive prosecutor in America.”

Moses, who gained national attention for her legal battle, faced a six-year prison sentence in January 2022 for attempting to register to vote while on probation, unknowingly violating Tennessee state law.

This incident sparked a broader conversation about the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to restore their rights.

However, Moses’ case took a turn when charges of voter fraud were dropped by Amy Weirich, the former Shelby County district attorney, revealing that crucial evidence had been withheld by the Tennessee Department of Correction.

In the aftermath of her ordeal, Moses filed a federal lawsuit, alleging false arrest and a “reckless and malicious” prosecution, accusing state and district attorneys of violating her constitutional rights.

Undeterred by her past legal battles, Pamela Moses is set to challenge Republican incumbent Marsha Blackburn in the upcoming Senate race.

Her candidacy adds an independent voice to the political landscape, offering an alternative perspective and a commitment to justice and equality.

Moses will also face competition from Democratic contenders, including Tennessee state Rep. Gloria Johnson and Civil Miller-Watkins, in what promises to be a closely watched and impactful race for the Senate seat.

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