Sukihana Says She’s a New Woman Following Recent Trip to Africa

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @sukihanagoat

Sukihana may be one of the latest entertainers to embark on a transformative journey of healing after making a trip to Africa, which she said changed her life.

On the Love & Hip Hop: Miami’s Season 5 premiere episode, the 31-year-old Delaware native shared that she recently visited Lagos, Nigeria, which has transformed how she views life and her artistry. While there, she was inspired to pen a new song called Casamigos (Pour It In My Cup) with Afro B.

“After my trip to Africa, I came back a new woman,” Sukihana said. “I wanted to take it back to my ancestors. So by me tapping into Afro B’s music, I wanted to show people my versatility. This track right here is the key to [being] taken seriously.”

She further stated that she has tapped Vanessa Williams-Nash to help her with her artistic development, stating that “We about to take over the world.”

The Born By The River star also opened up about her controversial stunts in the past, including mimicking a dog while posing on all fours for NLE Choppa’s Slut Me Out video shoot.

Instagram @nlechoppamusic

“I don’t regret the past, but I’m maturing, and so is my music,” she said in a confessional. “I wanna talk about my new music, not this old tired news!”

“This is a new Suki, a new era, a new vibe,” she added, according to Bossip.

In April, Shine My Crown reported that Sukihana had gotten into a spat with rapper and TV personality Lil Mama over the Slut Me Out video.

In the video, Sukihana can be seen conducting herself in ways that can be seen as “setting” Black women back “centuries,” according to Lil Mama.

The online altercation began when Choppa shared a picture from the video shoot to the remix of his song. In the photo, Sukihana is on all fours with another woman while the rapper holds their hair like one would do while walking a dog on a leash.
Shortly after Choppa posted the picture, Lil Mama wrote a comment underneath the post but quickly deleted it. This caused Sukihana to take to Twitter to respond.

“They said the girl ‘lil mama’ that sing that lip gloss song was in the comments speaking on me. If I was y’all I would tell her leave me tf alone,” Suki tweeted.

Lil Mama then went back to the Instagram post and commented again.

“Hey [Sukihana], I know we don’t know each other personally. I’m seeing you wrote a post addressing me and I never addressed you personally,” Lil Mama wrote. “You could of been any Blacc woman in that video I posted a comment under. The way I feel still stands.”

She added: “I feel like women these days will know BETTER and still play a role in setting us bacc centuries. The only reason I deleted my comment was because I didn’t want to offend you and anyone else partaking in this disturbing clip. I don’t know about You, but I don’t want our daughters to remember us like this. Or feel this what they ‘Need To Do To Survive’ and if that’s the excuse anybody come up with in 2023. That’s CAP.”

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