Tabitha Brown to Host Food Network’s First Vegan Cooking Competition, ‘It’s CompliPlated’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

New York Times bestselling author and chef Tabitha Brown will make history as the host of the Food network’s first-ever vegan cooking competition.

According to a press release from the network, “It’s CompliPlated” is a hilarious new cooking show that has determined chefs attempting to please the most particular panel of eaters with the same plate of food. 

Brown will be joined by “Chopped” judge and “Tournament of Champions II winner” Maneet Chauhan each week as the competing chefs battle it out in the kitchen with the hopes of walking away with $10,000.

In an interview with Mercy for Animals, Brown explained how becoming a vegan has positively impacted her life.

“First of all, I feel better. I was sick for a year. I had no energy. I was going back and forth to the doctor, and they couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me. I was in a really dark place,” she shared. “After starting a 30-day challenge to become vegan, I noticed instantly that I was starting to feel better. I’m normally a happy person, and I was just like, “Oh, I got my light back! That’s one of the things people always say, “You have a light. But what I love the most is that it’s contagious. If I walk into the room and I’ve got light, I came to bring light, and I try to give that to everybody else.”

Brown became a household name after she began recording videos for TikTok during the pandemic. She became an instant hit, tapping into new generations of fans and supporters.

And the brand collaborations just keep on coming.

The Food Network’s announcement comes just weeks after Brown unveiled her first 75-piece Target collection. Much of Brown’s clothing, swimwear and accessories collection sold out very quickly.

We can’t wait to get stuck into “It’s CompliPlated.”

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