Cori Bush Talks Leadership From the Frontlines

by Yah Yah
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Cori Bush, the Black Lives Matter activist, who defeated Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr., is not taking it easy after her win last week.

Bush has been on the frontlines fighting against social injustice and has more than a few horror stories of her own to tell for her troubles. The rising Democratic star sat down for an interview with The Guardian, where she detailed the ups and downs of her pursuit for justice and liberty.

“We were teargassed so heavily. Not being able to breathe and knowing other people couldn’t breathe, watching people laying on the ground, hurt or in pain … There were some pretty terrifying times out there,” she says.

Bush recalls the time the police lifted her up and slammed her back down onto the ground.

“My face was pressed up against the ground and I [was] feeling all of these steel-toe boots stomping me and my body was going from side to side. And I was just thinking; who do I scream out to?”

The killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd sparked protests across the country, highlighting the rampant police violence against the Black community.

“I know some people have said that the police don’t have enough money or officers, but we have plenty of money for teargas and Swat gear stockpiled in warehouses. Bear spray, pepper spray, skunk spray, rubber bullets – where does that money come from?” she asks.

Since unseating Lacy, Bush says she can now directly communicate with lawmakers who can hopefully bring about change.

“I can talk to congresspeople now, and say: I know you read this, but this is what actually happened,” she explains.

This week, Sen. Kamala Harris was selected by former vice president Joe Biden as his running mate. When Bush was asked about her thoughts on Biden, her response was measured.

“I think … He is the nominee for Democratic president,” she replied, before shaking her head. “We have what we have, and we have to get Trump out of the seat.”

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