Halle Bailey’s Boo Drags Racist Podcaster Who Called The Lil Mermaid Actress Ugly, Compared Her To E.T.

by Grace Somes
Halle Bailey and ET || Image credit: @hallebailey @et

Soon after comparing Halle Bailey to E.T., Podcaster Elijah Schaffer broke into tears when DDG and X’s users criticized his mother’s looks.

On Monday, conservative podcaster Elijah Schaffer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to post a photo of Halle Bailey, comparing her to Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T.

“When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?” Schaffer captioned the photo of Bailey. Adding “The new Lil Mermaid actress” to the image of the fictional alien E.T.

Immediately DDG learned of Schaffer’s disrespect, he began trolling him by mocking his deceased mother, who reportedly died of cancer in 2020.

No one was off limits, as Schaffer’s mom and girlfriend both received jabs from the rapper.

Halle Bailey’s baby daddy responded by posting a photo of Schaffer’s late mother with the caption, “I’m smokin on yo dead a- mama. That dumb bitch should’ve had a better doctor. LMFAO.”

DDG continued the trolling by posting a photo of himself hitting a blunt with Elijah’s mother photo-shopped onto the burning end.

“Ngl this s**t gas,” DDG wrote on the photo.

However, DDG was not the only one who defended The Little Mermaid actress on social media.

The cooking session heated up when fans attacked Schaffer for his remarks about the singer.

Some followers shared a photo of him and his mother, saying that his mother looks more like E.T.

“Look like your mother with a tan. She is really ugly, bro,” an X user wrote after sharing an image of the controversial Gateway Pundit personality and his mom on what appeared to be graduation day.

Elijah immediately took offense and chastised his followers for calling his mother ugly.

Even when he explained that his mother had some facial disfigurement from a rare cancer after having “60% of her soft tissue removed & huge portions of her jaw carved out in 3 life-saving surgeries,” he was still not shown sympathy.

“We don’t care,” a fan wrote in response to Schaffer’s ‘explanatory’ post.

“You attacked that girl for no reason. You could have been talking about any other “ugly” white actress, but you chose Halle, so you can’t be mad at people who clap back. And yeah, no one said anything about you calling yourself ugly bc it’s TRUE.”

Elijah Schaffer was recently fired from The Blaze, a conservative media outlet, following a sexual assault claim.

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