Lizzo’s Accusers Call Out Grammys For Giving Singer Presenting Role At Awards Ceremony Amid Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

by Grace Somes
Lizzo || Image credit: @lizzo

The Lawyer representing those accusing Lizzo of sexual harassment is wondering why the Recording Academy did not keep the same energy for Diddy.

Lizzo’s recent appearance at the Grammys has stirred up controversy. Many have criticized it, claiming the industry handles the singer with kid gloves.

Earlier last year, Lizzo was sued by three former dancers who claimed the singer perpetrated a hostile work environment filled with sexual harassment and weight-shaming in multiple incidents from 2021 and 2023.

In the first lawsuit, Arianna Davis even claimed she was once body-shamed by the singer, and Noelle Rodriguez also alleged that Lizzo once threatened her with physical violence.
Oscar-nominated Sophia Nahli Allison also joined the crusade, claiming working with Lizzo was “extremely toxic.”

Soon after, 35-year-old Asha Daniels also filed a lawsuit against the singer and some team members. Lawyers of the fashion designer who created pieces for dancers on Lizzo’s tour filed the suit in a Los Angeles superior court against Lizzo and wardrobe manager Amanda Nomura.

While these lawsuits are still in progress, Lozzo made her first public appearance at the 2024 Grammys to present the award for Best R&B Song.

Neama Rahmani, the attorney representing the backup dancers in legal action against the singer, has spoken out about how his clients felt seeing Lizzo on the stage.

He said he was disappointed that the singer was invited to present the Best R&B Song award, wondering why the Recording Academy would give a platform to someone who allegedly sexually harassed women.

Neama, who spoke to TMZ, disclosed that he feels the award scheme is playing double standard at play here, adding that a white man who has been accused of similar offenses would not have been invited to the Grammys. Let alone present an award on stage.

Nevertheless, he remained confident the truth would come out when his clients would be vindicted. Their victory would nudge the Recording Academy to start believing in the working class, who are brave enough to come forward against powerful celebrities.

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