Are They? Teyana Taylor And Victoria Monét’s Steamy Usher Tribute Sparks Dating Rumours

by Grace Somes
Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monet || Image credit: @teyanataylor @victoriamonet

Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monét set the BET Awards stage ablaze with their fiery tribute to R&B legend Usher. Their performance of ‘Bad Girl’ seemed to be more than just a tribute to Usher’s music. It ignited a firestorm of speculation about their own relationship, leaving the audience intrigued and eager for more.

As the music started, Teyana and Victoria took the stage, their chemistry and charisma immediately drawing the audience in. Their flawlessly coordinated dance moves and palpable passion set the stage on fire. The duo’s intimate twist on Usher’s biggest hits left the audience breathless, fully engaged in the spectacle.

Taylor played Usher, dressed in a black hat and suit, while Monét played her love interest, wearing a sequined crop top and skirt. The performance mirrored Usher and Beyoncé’s previous collaboration on the hit.

The performance culminated in a particularly steamy moment where Monét twerked on Taylor while she was on the ground performing the song’s vocals.

This particular mover had fans and viewers buzzing about their potential romance.

After their performance, fans and followers couldn’t help but wonder if they were dating. Given their undeniable stage presence and the fact that both are openly bisexual, it’s no surprise that fans began to connect the dots.

The conversation has spread widely, from Twitter threads to blog posts, making their alleged relationship a popular search term.

This is not the first time rumors about Teyana and Victoria have circulated. Remember last year at Teyana’s birthday party? Victoria was the focal point of Teyana’s dance floor antics, including intimate touching and twerking.

Fast forward to today, and their performance at the BET Awards has only fueled the fire. Are they more than friends, or is this a series of flirtatious acts?

Monét and Taylor were joined on stage by Childish Gambino, Keke Palmer, Chloe Bailey, Summer Walker, Coco Jones, Latto, and others in celebration of Usher’s decades-long career. During their electrifying set, the artists performed songs such as “U Don’t Have to Call,” “You Make Me Wanna,” “There Goes My Baby,” and “Good Kisser.”

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