One of Future’s Eight Baby Mamas Shames Him on Birthday

by Xara Aziz

Most women like to show love and appreciation to the father of their children, but that was not the case for rapper Future, who got chewed out on Instagram by one of his baby muvas.

The Monster rapper celebrated his 39th birthday on November 20, and while many sent well wishes, Krystal, one of the mothers to his eight children, had this to say:

“When he told me someone who isn’t rich is not successful… I knew then he was burnt out,” she ranted. “This is coming from the same man who would call me and tell me how unhappy he was and how lost he is… And how he isn’t at peace… That only confirms that success is bigger than being rich.”

Future’s BM went on to say that “I’m successful in many areas in life. Successful mother, successful hustler, and I am at peace with who I am. No money in the world can buy inner peace and happiness. It feels good to have, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t fix a broken soul.”

She added that many celebrities choose sex and drugs to numb their pain. “Not being able to trust or know who is genuinely there for you… To not have privacy and to always have to pretend for the world because of your image,” she wrote. “It can really destroy them. [Fame] can create a lot of mental damage. I know this from talking [privately] to a lot of famous individuals, including him. I rather money, not the fame.”

She ended her rant with what some are suggesting was subtle shade ending with “I forgot it was his birthday today, Happy Birthday. He shouldn’t be texting me BS on his birthday. Enjoy your day [crying laughing emoji].”

Future has yet to respond to her rant. The Atlanta rapper, born, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, currently has eight children with eight women, including:

–a son, Jakobi, 17, with Jessica Smith

–a daughter, Londyn, 11, with India J

–a son, Prince, 7, with Brittni Mealy

–a son, Future Zahir, 5, with singer and ex-fiancée Ciara

— a son, Hendrix, 16 months, with Joie Chavis

—  a daughter, Paris, with an unknown woman

— a son, Kash, with Krystal

— a daughter, Reign, 1, with Eliza Reign

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