Reports: Azealia Banks Set to be Evicted from Miami Mansion

by Xara Aziz
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Word on the street is that Azealia Banks is facing eviction from her Miami mansion, according to an AllHipHop report.

The Harlem rapper was supposedly served papers from a process server, who was sent to her upscale home to deliver a court-ordered eviction notice, the report says, adding that she tried to “swerve” the employee upon arrival.

Banks is known to not want people engaged in her personal affairs, but has been known to talk about other people’s business. The tea is that when the process server arrived at her home, an unidentified woman refused to provide any information about Banks.

According to the report, the process server then proceeded to look through trash in front of the 212 star’s house, where the server found a USPS box with the rapper’s name on it.

Upon finding Banks’ name on the box, the unidentified woman picked up a fire extinguisher and sprayed the process server in the face. The server called Miami-Dade Police, who said that along with the unnamed woman, Banks was at the premises.  

Legal documents show that Banks does not own the property and that the owner of the mansion is suing the rapper. It is unclear whether she is being sued for unpaid rent or for living there unauthorized.

Born Azealia Amanda Banks, the Harlem native began releasing music on Myspace before being signed to XL Recordings. She first rose to fame after her debut single 212 went viral. She then signed with Interscope and Polydor Records. The rapper is currently an independent artist and began her independent record label, Chaos & Glory Recordings.

Her outspoken nature has sometimes overshadowed her musical talent. On multiple occasions, her views on U.S. politics and race have sparked controversy and scrutiny and she has developed a reputation for disputes with public figures on Twitter, which banned her from the platform in 2018, 2020 and 2022, respectively.

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