Sarah-Ann Shaw: Tributes Pour in For Boston’s First Black Female TV News Reporter Who Passed Away Recently At 90

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Sarah-Ann Shaw

Boston bids farewell to Sarah-Ann Shaw, the trailblazing Black journalist whose indelible mark on advocacy journalism will forever echo through the city’s corridors.

Shaw, who passed away at 90 in her Roxbury home on Thursday, left an unparalleled legacy of truth-telling and community upliftment.

Shaw’s groundbreaking career began in 1969 as the first woman of color to grace the screens of WBZ. For 31 years, she illuminated the airwaves with her iconic show, “Say, Brother,” eschewing conventional reporting to spotlight stories of resilience and empowerment within Boston’s communities of color.

Recognized by the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Simmons College, and the National Association of Black Journalists, among others, Shaw’s influence extended far beyond the newsroom.

Even after her retirement in 2000, she remained steadfast in her commitment to serving local communities through various media outlets and civic engagements.

Throughout turbulent times like the Civil Rights movement and the busing crisis in Boston schools, Shaw fearlessly reported with the perspective of a Black woman deeply rooted in her community.

Her coverage of the busing turmoil in the 1970s shed light on the struggles of Black students amid racial tensions, earning her admiration for her unwavering empathy and courage.

Her daughter, Klare Shaw, fondly remembers her mother’s compassionate spirit and relentless pursuit of justice. Klare reflects:

“She had a lot of empathy for those kids. She was always concerned about the lives of those around her.”

As tributes continue to flood in, Shaw’s impact on journalism and advocacy remains immeasurable.

The Bay State Banner hailed her as “a visionary leader and pioneering journalist” who has now “joined the ancestors,” while Congresswoman Ayanna Presley mourned the loss of “a trailblazing & proud Black journalist” who dedicated her life to amplifying marginalized voices.

In honoring Shaw’s memory, her daughter Klare urges the community to take active steps towards building a better society—a fitting tribute to a woman whose life was dedicated to paving the way for others.

The legacy of Sarah-Ann Shaw will forever be etched in Boston’s history, a beacon of hope and resilience for generations to come.

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