Tatyana Ali Launches ‘Baby Yams’ Quilt Line for Black Maternal Health Week

by Gee NY
Tatyana Ali. Image Credit: @tatyanaali on Instagram

Actress and singer Tatyana Ali, known for her role in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” has ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of her new quilt line for babies, “Baby Yams.”

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, Ali announced her latest endeavor, celebrating creativity and motherhood.

Taking to Instagram on April 12, Ali shared her excitement about the launch, expressing her love for creativity and revealing her hidden talent for sewing:

“This #BlackMaternalHealthWeek I’m launching Baby Yams, a limited series of baby quilts that I can’t wait for you to see! Visit baby-yams.com (link in bio) & join the #BabyYamsFam to be first to hear about the launch!”

She explained how her journey into quilting began during her pregnancies, where she discovered a newfound passion for crafting items for her nursery.

Inspired by the positive feedback she received for a quilt she made for her youngest son using Ankara Fabric, Ali decided to turn her hobby into a business venture.

She saw an opportunity to share her love for handmade quilts with other parents, offering unique and stylish options for their little ones.

Moreover, Ali’s commitment to supporting Black maternal health is evident in her decision to donate all proceeds from the “Baby Yams” quilt line to birth workers dedicated to providing essential care to Black families.

This initiative reflects her dedication to giving back to the community and empowering mothers during their journey to motherhood.

Behind the scenes, Ali collaborated with a Black woman-owned manufacturing team to bring her vision to life, incorporating vibrant Ankara designs from Ghana into the quilt collection.

Photos shared by Ali showcase her hands-on approach to creating the quilts, alongside her two young children who have been enjoying the cozy creations.

Ali’s advocacy for Black maternal health extends beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Recently, she hosted discussions on Make Springhill’s platform, addressing the challenges faced by Black mothers in healthcare and advocating for systemic changes to ensure equitable access to quality maternal care.

With the launch of “Baby Yams,” Tatyana Ali continues to make strides in both the business world and maternal health advocacy, empowering Black mothers and families with her creativity and compassion.

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