White House Announces Jill Biden will Support Stacy Abrams at Georgia Event Friday

by Xara Aziz

Following the success of Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams’ stellar performance during Monday night’s debate in Atlanta, the candidate for Georgia’s next governor has garnered national attention and will be accompanied by first lady Jill Biden at an event in the state on Friday.

The White House announced that Biden will deliver remarks at an event with the Democratic nominee at Fort Benning, an army base in Georgia’s southern region.

“When your current governor brags about signing one of the toughest abortion bans in the country, when he refuses to expand Medicaid for Georgians who desperately need health care, as Stacey said, when he tried to make it harder and harder for people to simply use their voices and to go out and vote: I know that that makes you angry,” Biden said, according to a pool report.

The announcement comes at a time when political analysts speculated about the relationship of Abrams and President Joe Biden. In January, he appeared in Georgia for a speech about expanding voting rights; Abrams was not present during the speech, citing a scheduling conflict.

Since then, rumors swirled about whether Abrams was distancing herself from the Biden administration, leading both her staff and the White House to reject claims that their relationship was weakening.

A recent survey shows Abrams trails current Gov. Brian Kemp in the polls. The Republican incumbent currently holds a five-point lead over Abrams, according to The Hill and Emerson College. Another poll from Fox News reveals Kemp leads by seven points.

The first lady’s visit to Georgia on Friday is part of her Joining Forces Initiative, which aims to support service members, veterans and their families.

Leading up to her appearance, Mrs. Biden said in a statement that should Abrams win, she could create “a Georgia where kids can get a great education, where all families can afford health care and housing they need, where small businesses can thrive and communities are safe from violence, and where the freedom to vote and the right to choose are protected,” Biden said. “Atlanta, Stacy has been a tireless champion of your families. And we need her as your next governor.”

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