Yara Shahidi Joins the ‘Dior Forever’ Sisterhood Campaign

by Shine My Crown Staff

Fashion brand, Dior, has announced that their global ambassador Yara Shahidi has joined their “Dior Forever” sisterhood beauty campaign.

“A NEW GENERATION FOREVER IS COMING… Dior Global Brand Ambassador @YaraShahidi, award-winning actress, producer, and inspiring change agent, is now part of the Forever sisterhood movement as the new face alongside @NataliePortman,” Dior shared on social media.

Shahidi and Dior also collaborated on the Dior Stands with Women initiative on International Women’s Day. Shahidi was born in the U.S. to an Iranian father and an African-American mother has previously also paid tribute to her Middle Eastern roots during an Adidas partnership on designs edified by Farsi text and Iranian architecture.

“What we know to be true is that so many young women aren’t given the space to be heard consistently, to feel as though people are genuinely taking the time to understand what they’re saying,” Yara shared in the video for the campaign.

Dior first unveiled its sisterhood slogans in 2019 by artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri. In 2016, Chiuri launched the “We should all be feminists” T-shirts. Three years later, the mantras “Sisterhood is global,” “Sisterhood is powerful,” and “Sisterhood is forever” were added.

Dior explained that feminist poet Robin Morgan was a major inspiration for the line. Chiuri reached out to Morgan, who was surprised and initially thought the email was a prank.

Soon after, they met up in Paris.

“When we actually met, we just fell into each other’s arms and said ‘ma sœur, ma sœur!’ [my sister] and spoke as women and political beings and as artists,” Morgan told AE World.

“The influence of clothes these days, in this world, is enormous, whether one likes it or not. It trickles out and trickles down. And when she said she wanted to do the three anthology titles I thought… ‘Well okay, a t-shirt is better than a button.”

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