911 Audio Released Demanding Joseline Hernandez be Arrested Following Las Vegas Fight

by Xara Aziz

Following a Shine My Crown report about Joseline Hernandez, who was involved in a physical altercation at a Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition fight in Florida Monday evening, it has been revealed that Big Lex resorted to calling the police demanding Hernandez be arrested and charged.

In dispatch audio obtained by TMZ, Big Lex is heard in a traumatic state as she asked that officers come to the crime scene and detain Hernandez.

During the call, Big Lex declined medical attention and provided information requested from her. She then requested to file a police report and met with officers at a local gas station where she detailed what led to the fight.

Hernandez was arrested and charged with trespassing and battery shortly thereafter.

According to a TMZ report, the former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta castmate had gotten into a fisticuffs Big Lex who used to star alongside Hernandez in her hit show Joseline’s Cabaret.

In a video that has since gone viral, Hernandez is seen wearing a light blue outfit when she attacks Lex while holding her in a headlock. The women were then separated but Hernandez began punching other people at the venue. One woman then threw a drink at Hernandez and was eventually chased out the building.

The news comes one week after a clip of a heated exchange turned psychical between Hernandez and Amber Rose. The two had gotten into an argument after Hernandez referred to a group of people as “the whites.”

Rose, who has a white mother and a Black father, took offense to the comment, to which Hernandez attempted to make amends. “If you feel like I singled you out, I apologize,” Hernandez said. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Hernandez, who wore her makeup to appear as if she was a clown, then backtracked from what was supposed to be an extension of an olive branch when she retorted, “you know what? Your problem really is you want to be a white girl! Your problem is you really don’t want to be Black!”

After back-and-forth clap backs between the two reality stars, Rose is then seen hopping out of her chair and walking towards Hernandez. Rose is then seen raising her hand to attack Hernandez, but viewers were unable to see what happened next because BET producers chose not to air the fight.

“Out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight. ‘College Hill’ and AKU do not condone violence of any kind,” the show wrote in a slate following the scene.

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