Sexyy Red Calls 4C Hair ‘Carpet Hair’ After Showing Off Her Straight Hair, Sparks Rage

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red || Image credit: @sexyyred

Rapper Sexyy Red has received mixed reactions online after commenting on 4C hair, a tightly coiled texture common in the Black community.

Sexyy Red has sparked a heated debate after making controversial comments about 4C hair.

Sexyy Red has been unfiltered since the beginning of her career, whether it’s a song about the color of her private parts or her thoughts on having sex soon after giving birth.

The St Louis rapper now shares her opinions about the natural hair community.

The controversy started earlier this week when the “Pound Town” singer took to social media to flaunt her long, healthy dark hair, leaving her fans in amazement.

Unfortunately, some people were so taken aback that they didn’t believe it was all real. Some insinuated that Sexyy Red had added extensions to achieve the long, full look. In contrast, others even claimed to be able to identify them.

Sexyy Red decided to prove naysayers wrong with a video of her long mane on Instagram, combing it with her fingers to demonstrate that it is entirely her own.

“They said I got tracks,” she said in the video. “I’m trying to find out where… What tracks? What tape-ins?

In her caption, Sexyy Red shot down those who questioned her. “You carpet hair beanie neck haux could never,” she wrote.

The captions riled social media users, who expressed strong opinions about a black woman using harsh descriptions of black hair.

“Blk people are the only group of people that use hair texture as an insult or a badge of honor,” someone wrote.

“Calling someone carpet hair when your face is the concrete texture is crazy,” another added.

A fan commented, “Who taught you to hate the color of your skin, the texture of your hair??? Don’t promote that BS over here 💯 all my black people’s hair is beautiful, no matter what type it is. Stop giving people like this a platform to disrespect our people.”

In response to the flareup, the ‘Get It Sexy’ hitmaker wrote on her Instagram Story, “I [fk with] people with carpet hair, [they] cool, but, if you are talking st, I’ma call you ‘carpet hair.'”

Despite the backlash, Sexyy Red has yet to issue a public apology or clarification for her comments.

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