Tamar Braxton Publicly Begs JR Robinson For Forgiveness: ‘I’m New To Loving Myself’

by Grace Somes
Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson || Image credit: @tamarbraxton

Tamar Braxton recently turned to social media to make an emotional and unexpected public appeal for her fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson, to forgive him.

Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson got engaged in March 2023, split in October, and reconciled in December.

Earlier this month, Tamar Braxton declared that she and JR decided to keep their relationship private. During a live recording from Carlos King’s Reality with The King tour, 47-year-old Braxton answered questions regarding her engagement to Jeremy “JR” Robinson. She speculated that her fans “do not like” Robinson, which caused a stir in the audience.

“The truth is JR and I decided we would keep our relationships completely private,” Braxton continued. “No matter the status, we decided we would keep it private from everyone.”

Although Braxton wanted the public to focus less on her love life and more on her artistry, music, and TV shows, she once brought her relationship to social media.

Yesterday, the 46-year-old singer shared her vulnerable moment on Instagram.

“When you truly love someone, hurting the person that you love is far worse than being hurt by the one you love. I’m new to true love and loving myself… I wish to apologize and be forgiven for it all…” Braxton began her plea.

“No matter how much I feel I was right, you felt wronged. And I gotta respect that. I’m not embarrassed for being open about how I feel… I’m embarrassed about how I made you feel.

Many of Braxton’s fans were quick to voice their opinions. While some praised her for the courage to express her feelings publicly, others, particularly Black women, expressed disappointment. They criticized the need for such a public display, especially considering the racial optics of a Black woman seemingly “begging” a white man for forgiveness.


“She has to love herself more because all I see is manipulation on his end. It also makes me feel uncomfortable seeing a Black woman beg a white man for forgiveness. It gives off bed wench vibes,” a fan wrote.

Another person commented, “All this over a white man who has been using her since day one? People, please understand that you don’t have to be so desperate for “love” that you settle for anything.”

Someone also wrote, “Girl, you were gaslighted when you took him back & he’s gaslighting you now. Tamar, please understand narcissist & their traits because you keep attracting them, & you will continue until you heal & truly focus on yourself.”

Tamar’s search for love has been tumultuous, characterized by well-publicized relationships and introspective challenges. Her engagement to Robinson appeared to be the beginning of a new chapter in her life, where she would finally experience stability and happiness.

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