Tired of Taking Disrespect: Chrisean Rock Responds to Blueface’s Hurtful Remarks About Her Pregnancy

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @chriseanrockbabyy

Chrisean Rock is officially in her pregnancy’s second trimester, reaching 20 weeks earlier this month, but it appears the father to the child, Blueface, is still not pleased about becoming a father to her child after taking to Twitter to tweet some unpleasant remarks about the Rainy Days star.

“I been like this,” Blueface wrote in a series of tweets. “Bih said she don’t want to be like my other baby momma but she finna be my other baby momma how stupid can a b*tch be. I’m a delusional female worst night mare. Don’t have no baby with no man that don’t want the dam baby. Delusional.”

In response, Rock warned that she is thinking about calling off the relationship completely and raise the baby alone.

“Stop subbing about the b*tch [that] live with [you], gettin’ to it with you,” she tweeted in response to Blueface. “We busy every weekend, casually picking up money. N*ggas gotta stop being lame on the social. Like I said… We can either make this sh*t last [and] make it better, or just let all [this] go [and] I’ll try again on my own. Tired of taking disrespect from a n*gga that’s supposed to be motivating me to get more [and] shine more. If I wanna tell it how I wanna tell it, let that be. F*ck everybody [that] got an issue with me. F*ck a weird n*gga that likes to tweet about a female he say, ‘I love you’ to every day. We gave each other [that] space, now let me be.”

Despite the naysayers, Chrisean Rock is proudly showing the world the love she has for her unborn child, who is expected to make his/her debut to the world later this year.

In April, the Lit rapper posted a heartfelt message on Twitter expressing how eager she is to meet her firstborn child.

“Hey sweet angel I can’t wait till u get here. You gon help me be the best me. I’m looking forward to you bud… the fact it’s precious to know you right here with me is beautiful,” she tweeted.

The 23-year-old Baltimore native made headlines in February when she announced that she was expected to give birth to her first child with rapper Blueface – and while some were happy for the new mom-to-be, some were still not convinced.

Last month, the rapper and reality TV star shared pictures of her growing belly with her three million followers.

“Getting money n making babies is my hobby now,” Rock wrote along with the photo. “I’m dropping a video on my birthday.”

Scores of fans flooded her comments to congratulate the Lonely star immediately after posting the pictures.

“She may be out her mind sometimes but one thing about her she’s straight out she’s pregnant let her enjoy her pregnancy alot of haters on this page for real …congratulations chrisean,” one fan wrote.

“Awe chrisean I teared up. I pray this child allows your growth and maturity in your life and love. The true meaning of unconditional love,” wrote another.

 “No way God lettin y’all bring a kid into this,” one posted.

“Ratchet season continues with ratchet babies,” another user added added.

Chrisean’s big reveal comes months after a string of concerning incidents involving drugs, guns and violence made national headlines.

In a recent episode of Crazy In Love, a Zeus-produced reality show that debuted last month, the California-born rapper went viral after a clip surfaced of her venting about the Thotiana artist going to Las Vegas without her in tow.  

“I said, ‘Alright, I’m gonna go to Baltimore. You can have fun in Vegas,’” Chrisean is heard telling her friend in a phone conversation. “Bro blocked me.”

“What the f*ck? He blocked you?” her friend replied.

“He’s trying to get my attention,” she explained. She further detailed that Blueface deleted a joint video on Instagram of the pair. She later confirmed that while their relationship is on the rocks, “it’s working.”

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