Woman Develops New SmartPad And App To Protect Children From Guns

by Gee NY

Young Chicago entrepreneur Kayla Austin is unveiling her innovative technology, “My Gun’s Been Moved,” designed to enhance child safety by providing 24/7 monitoring and notifications for responsible gun owners.

She also introduces “My Safety Circle,” aimed at promoting safe gun ownership, monitoring, and storage within households.

Inspired at just 12 years old by a family member’s story and driven by a deep concern over gun violence in Chicago, Kayla has dedicated herself to using technology to improve gun safety.

Her efforts have garnered recognition from the State of Illinois and Congress, and she has received accolades such as being named one of Teen Vogue’s “21 Under 21” and winning awards from AT&T’s Dream in Black Future Dream Makers and the National Urban League’s Future History Makers.

Kayla’s entrepreneurial journey gained momentum with a $25,000 win at Parrell Williams’ Mighty Dream Forum and Black Ambition, followed by showcasing her product at the Consumer Technology’s CES Conference.

These achievements enabled her to launch successful fundraising campaigns on WeFunder and GoFundMe to further develop her innovative products.

“According to the Brady Campaign, guns now kill more children and adolescents than any other cause,” stated Kayla Austin. “I am thrilled to present how our technology can contribute to reducing this statistic and ensuring safer environments for children.”

Supported by her family and a team of 35 student brand ambassadors, Kayla’s initiative also educates through “Kayla’s Safety Circle,” advocating for responsible gun practices and community safety.

For more information on “My Gun’s Been Moved” and “My Safety Circle,” visit MyGunsBeenMoved.com.

Follow their journey on Instagram @BlackMagicShowcase_ and contact Felicia Apprey at Apprey PR for press inquiries or email info@mygunsbeenmoved.com for business opportunities.

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