‘Ice Spice Over Latto?’ – Internet Reacts As Billboard Names ’10 Hottest Female Rappers Right Now’

by Grace Somes
Ice Spice and Latto || Image credit: @latto777 @icespice

Billboard’s recently released list of “10 Hottest Female Rappers Right Now” has sparked a fiery debate among fans.

The hip-hop genre has reached new heights thanks to the wave of female rappers emerging from the next generation.

For its first-ever Hottest Female Rappers List, Billboard took into account a range of factors, including the quality of records, chart performance, cultural impact, notable business ventures and collaborations, and successful tours. These criteria were used to identify the most influential female rappers of the moment.

The contentious list, which aims to capture the current pulse of the female rap scene, includes up-and-coming talent and seasoned pros from the industry. But Ice Spice’s inclusion over Latto has really stirred things up, generating a flurry of social media responses.

Billboard’s final list was compiled based on the collective achievements of the calendar year, ultimately crowning the hottest female rapper of 2024. This comprehensive approach ensures that the list truly reflects the industry’s current landscape.

The criteria for the top 10 artists was based on various milestones, including the caliber of records, chart success, cultural buzz, noteworthy business endeavors and partnerships, and touring success.

The list spans the first half of 2024.

The Rankings That Rocked the Rap World

Billboard’s list includes:

  1. Ice Spice
  2. Megan Thee Stallion
  3. Cardi B
  4. Nicki Minaj
  5. Latto
  6. Doja Cat
  7. Saweetie
  8. City Girls (Yung Miami and JT)
  9. Coi Leray
  10. Flo Milli

Latto’s admirers swiftly expressed their shock in the comments section, with many saying that her chart presence and recent hits should have landed her higher.


One fan wrote, “I’m not understanding why Latto is so far to the bottom?????”

“Ice Spice before Glo and Lotta!!!! —— puhhhhhleasssssseeeee,” another added.

The rumored feud has been simmering between Latto and Ice Spice for at least a year. 

Even though neither artist has openly declared war, a growing body of evidence points to the contrary.

When Billboard asked Latto to finish the lyrics to Ice Spice’s hit song “Bikini Bottom” at a red carpet event, Latto looked bewildered and wholly lost. Many fans believed she was trying to disparage Ice Spice because she could not finish the bar.

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