Jaguar Wright Slammed For Saying Tasha K’s ‘African’ Son Plays In Monkey Sh*t: ‘Did She Just Stereotype?’

by Grace Somes
Jaguar Wright and Tasha K || Image credit: @jaguarwright @unwinewithtashak

Jaguar Wright has been criticized on social media for her controversial remarks regarding Tasha K’s son, which has left a distasteful look at the African continent.

There has always been hostility between Tasha K, a well-known blogger and YouTuber, and vocalist Jaguar Wright, famous for her candid commentary.

Jaguar Wright was forced to take a two-year break when Tasha K aired the sensational documentary about Wright’s ex-husband, Sam Odom, and son.

Jaguar Wright tied the knot with Samuel Douglass Odom Sr., also known as Sam Odom Sr., and she became pregnant with Sam Jr., her second child, in January 2002. But no one knows the exact moment when their problems began.

They had to divorce, and Jaguar Wright won custody of her son, which may have turned out to be a wrong decision, says her ex-husband Sam Odom in a YouTube interview.

On the other hand, Tasha K has amassed a sizable fan base through her gossip-filled interviews and videos, frequently probing into the private lives of celebrities, including Wright.

During an interview, Wright lost it with Tasha K and ended up saying hurtful things about the blogger’s son.

“Speaking of missing children, Tasha K, where are your kids? Word on the street is that you haven’t got time to raise children. We already know that girl is Shek’s baby,” Wright continued. “You haven’t had that child in quite some time. And you sent little Teddy to Africa with your husband’s people. You’re a married woman and haven’t got time to raise your kids? But you want to talk about mine all day, huh?”

Jaguar Wright zoned in on Tasha K’s son and all the “terrible” things that could happen to him while he’s living with relatives in Africa.

“That boy is under 10 years old and being raised by Africans that you don’t really know. For all you know, that little boy is playing in a pile of monkey sht. You don’t know? Wrestling with rhinos. Where are your kids, btch. You’re busy running around trying to blackmail Kevin Hart for cheating on his wife when we all know he likes penis,” Wright added in the video.

Fans swiftly expressed their shock and chastised Wright for feeding false stereotypes about African children. There was an immediate and intense backlash, with many people accusing Wright of being insensitive and racist.

“Did she just stereotype Africa as a primitive Jungle? I’m glad she sent her child as far as possible from this confused polarized society. He will be fine in Africa, he will come back proud, hardworking, athletic, and most important : Normal,” someone pointed out.

Another added, “Way she talked about AFEEKA…as if she came outta egg.”

Another social media user wrote, “If Jaquar understood African culture when it comes to male child rearing, she would know why Tasha’s son is in Africa.”

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