Is Megan Thee Stallion The Rap Queen? Fan’s Epic Bow Makes A Statement

by Grace Somes
Megan Thee Stallion || Image credit: @theestallion @power106fm

Megan Thee Stallion’s claim to the rap throne received a significant boost recently, thanks to a now-viral moment captured during one of her Hot Girl Sum concert stops.

Hot Girl Summer Tour has not been without any incidents. The first significant snag to hit the show happened during its Atlanta stop when the show was abruptly canceled after the venue became unavailable at the last minute.

 The Friday night concert was postponed to Sunday just an hour before the doors were supposed to open. Saturday’s concert was canceled 30 minutes before the doors were set to open.

Unfortunately, this did not halt her tour, as Megan Thee Stallion was able to pull another venue after asking the RHOA Housewives to come through with their connections.

The second significant moment during the Hot Girl Summer happened days after an alleged AI-generated sex tap of the BOA rapper hit the internet.
Although Megan Thee Stallion promptly debunked the explicit tape’s authenticity, she couldn’t help but break down on stage during her performance at the Tampa stop.

A viral video shows a fan expressing their admiration in a way that has swept social media: a full-fledged bow.

The incident occurred during Megan’s high-energy performance at the sold-out show in Los Angeles. As usual, the rapper invited some fans to join her on stage after performing her set.

The brief clip shows the fan, completely overtaken by the moment, enthusiastically dipping low, kneeling, and bowing their head with hands outstretched, a gesture reminiscent of pledging allegiance to a queen, in a gesture of respect and admiration. The crowd erupts in cheers as Megan Thee Stallion acknowledges the fan with a half-bow of her own.

The fan’s bow was captured on multiple smartphones and quickly shared across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, making it a defining concert moment.

Fans reacted quickly online to the dramatic tribute.

“She really is just a girl girl, and she is growing,” someone noted.

Another wrote, “She could be bowing to how Megan handled all the stress she’s endured these last 3+ years. Y’all so insensitive. If y’all went thru that, you’d crack.”

“Just so you know, in Asian culture (which Megan and her fans do admire), when you bow, it’s a deep form of respect. And since she is on the floor, she really respects her and vice versa,” a fan commented.

The incident ignited a passionate online debate, raising the question: Is Megan Thee Stallion the undisputed Queen of Rap?

Regardless of the debate, one thing is clear: Megan Thee Stallion is a formidable opponent!

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