PayPal to Invest $50 Million in 8 Black, Latinx-Led Early StageVenture Capital Funds

by Shine My Crown Staff

PayPal has announced its plans to invest $50 million in eight early-stage, Black and Latinx-led venture capital funds.

PayPal has listed the following companies as recipients: Chingona Ventures; Fearless Fund; Harlem Capital; Precursor Ventures; Slauson & Co.; VamosVentures; Zeal Capital Partners; and one additional fund.

The investments are part of PayPal’s commitment to invest $530 million to support Black-owned businesses, strengthen underrepresented minority communities and fight for racial equity and economic equality, the press release states.

“Black and Latinx founders have been underrepresented in venture capital funding for far too long,” said Dan Schulman, president and CEO, PayPal. “By directing our dollars to investors from underrepresented communities, we’re supporting their investment in Black and Latinx entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. We’re honored to support this outstanding group of venture capitalists as we seek to bring more equity to the fundraising process.”

The digital platform will work collaboratively with these early-stage funds and, in some cases, invest directly in businesses through PayPal Ventures.

“PayPal recognizes that our lived experience allows us to deeply empathize with the journey of other women of color entrepreneurs,” said Arian Simone, founding partner of Fearless Fund. “Women of color should be able to pitch to people who look like them on the other side of the table. We’re excited to begin this relationship with PayPal.”

“I believe this initiative from PayPal will have real impact on the demographics of founders that receive funding at the seed-stage,” said Charles Hudson, founding partner of Precursor Ventures. “Not only that, but the PayPal team can bring unique counsel and expertise to these companies as they grow.”

“Not only is it undeniable that there is a pipeline of extraordinary diverse tech visionaries who are being overlooked, it is also imperative to the country to fully utilize and incorporate their ideas, talent and gumption,” said Marcos C. Gonzalez, founding partner of VamosVentures. “PayPal’s investment, alongside those from our other limited partners, will help us support this group and improve the landscape for everyone.”

“Now more than ever, it’s abundantly clear that we need more businesses delivering solutions to bridge the wealth and skills gap at scale,” said Nasir Qadree, founder and managing partner of Zeal Capital Partners. “We’re thrilled to have PayPal recognize that our Inclusive Investing™ strategy positions us to source, invest and scale high growth early-stage businesses across the U.S. and beyond the major finance and technology hubs.”

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