Twitter Reacts to ‘I May Destroy You’ Golden Globes Snub

by Shine My Crown Staff
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On Tuesday, the Golden Globes announced its nominations for its upcoming 2021 awards ceremony — but the joy quickly turned to outrage as Twitter soon realized that British screenwriter and actress Michaela Coel’s critically acclaimed HBO series, “I May Destroy You,” did not receive a nod.

“I May Destroy You,” tells the story of published author Arabella (played by Coel), a carefree, self-confident Londoner whose world turns upside down when her drink is spiked during a chaotic night out with friends. Arabella works hard to put the pieces of that night (and of her life) back together while frantically trying to work out who in her life she can still trust.

The show was such a success (garnering dazzling reviews as well as a 98% Rotten Tomatoes rating) that Coel admitted that she wept during interviews.

“Yeah, I think I half processed it a little bit via a couple of these articles, and something in seeing a journalist’s perspective allows me to process it a little bit,” she says when asked about the show’s reception. “I’ve actually cried [in interviews], because it’s quite overwhelming, especially when you’re working so hard that you don’t often reflect and process. We finished postproduction only really two weeks ago, so I’ve just finished working, so I haven’t really yet had time to really process anything.”

“I’m absolutely baffled and infuriated that I May Destroy You and Michaela Coel received no nominations at the #GoldenGlobes this year—what the f*ck is this idiotic erasure?!” one user tweeted.

“Thank you @MichaelaCoel for writing, directing, and performing in the most searingly brilliant and poignant TV show of 2020. The @goldenglobes might not have got the memo, but WE (millions of us) did. We love you and we appreciate you. #IMayDestroyYou,” wrote another.

See some of the reactions to the omission below:

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