Bailey & DDG’s Son Goes Viral, Says 1st Word At Just 5 Months – Watch The Adorable Moment!

by Grace Somes
Halle Bailey, DDG and Baby Hallo || Image credit: @ddg @hallebailey

He’s definitely one smart baby! Halle Bailey and DDG’s son, Halo, is already achieving milestones as an infant.

Since bringing their baby boy Halo home, the couple has been posting adorable parenting content. Once more, they have become popular after recording their son’s first speech, a moment that was celebrated not just by them but also by their fans.

In a video posted to social media, Bailey and DDG captured the heartwarming interaction with their little one as they encouraged him to speak his first words.

DDG was, on live, speaking with his baby boy while lounging in the car before hitting the studio. They appeared to be preparing for a movie set with Halle Bailey when he uttered his first words. 

“When you get there and everybody wanna say hi to you, you gotta make sure to be nice to the director and producers so you can get some minutes too,” the YouTuber Dad said.

And Halo responded with a clear “Okay.” 

“He said okay,” DDG retorted in disbelief.

“He just said Okay, man, no way,” Halle added with surprise

“Yeah, he be talking. Be actually nice. And you and your momma can be in the movie together,” Hallo’s dad continued, suggesting they feature their son in the movie.

The video has since gone viral on social media, generating many reactions.

In January 2024The Little Mermaid actress and her boyfriend DDG shared the news of Halo’s arrival on Instagram, posting a photo of the baby’s itsy-bitsy hand with a customized gold nameplate bracelet clad in hers and her DDG’s hand.

According to Halle, her son’s arrival was her most significant achievement of 2023, despite the 23-year-old star’s fame soaring to new heights thanks to her leading role as Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which saw her nominated for several awards.

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