Mom of Two Makes $144,000 Every Year as Professional Truck Driver: ‘I Love Being A Superhero’

by Gee NY
Clarissa Rankin. image Credit: CNBC

In a world where truck driving is often associated with a certain image, Clarissa Rankin is breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Now 38 years old, this Charlotte, North Carolina, resident’s story first broke on CNBC Make It in 2022 when she was 36.

In that report, she was described as not just a truck driver but a successful entrepreneur, a social media influencer, and a role model for women in a male-dominated industry.

Rankin’s journey to success wasn’t easy.

After struggling to find work in her field of study, criminal justice, she ventured into substitute teaching but found it insufficient to support her family.

Inspired by her husband’s experience in the trucking industry, Rankin took the leap into truck driving and immediately fell in love with the job.

Despite facing rejection due to her gender and appearance, Rankin persisted until she finally landed a job. However, she soon realized that to achieve her financial goals, she needed to forge her own path.

Thus, JC Rankins Transport was born.

Running her own trucking business hasn’t been without its challenges, but Rankin thrives on the freedom it offers.

She leverages technology to find jobs across the country, driving from Massachusetts to Florida as needed. Despite the costs and the demands of the job, Rankin’s take-home pay far exceeds what she made in previous roles.

Beyond her business success, Rankin has found a new platform on social media, where she documents her trucker life and connects with millions of followers.

Through TikTok, she not only shares her journey but also earns additional income through promotions and advertising.

Yet, Rankin acknowledges the hurdles she faces as a woman in the industry, from the lack of amenities at truck stops to judgment from others about her choices.

Despite these challenges, Rankin remains steadfast in her love for her job and the sense of purpose it brings her.

For Rankin, being a truck driver isn’t just a job—it’s a calling.

“I love being that superhero,” she says, knowing that her work ensures people get the goods they need, while inspiring others to defy expectations and pursue their passions.

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