Scarface From Baddies Drops Fists On Prankster YouTuber: Watch!

by Grace Somes
Scarface || Image credit: @scarface_bih

Scarface, the unapologetically fierce star of “Baddies,” recently made headlines after a confrontation with a YouTuber who attempted to prank her went south.

Remember the explosive ‘Baddies East’ reunion? Scarface, true to her nature, was far from polite. The cameras captured her in a physical altercation with multiple cast members, a testament to her readiness to defend herself, even if it meant using her weave extensions as a weapon.

NeNe Leakes and Janeisha John orchestrated a much-anticipated reunion for ‘Baddies East,’ filmed on Wednesday, February 7. Given the show’s reputation for high-octane drama, it was no surprise when a brawl erupted among the cast members. The most buzzed-about clash was between ET, also known as Scarface and Tesehki.

In Scarface’s most recent fight, a YouTuber played a practical joke on her, not realizing how angry she would get. The joke swiftly turned into a physical altercation, demonstrating how dangerous Scarface is. Both admirers and detractors of her actions commented on the incident, which attracted much attention online.

Fans online quickly jumped to Scarface’s defense, detailing how much of a nuisance the YouTuber has been, harassing people.

“She pranked a guy in the hood, and he pulled out a gun and fired into the air. These types of pranks are a little too much,” a fan disclosed.

Another added, “Omg, she’s still doing these “pranks.” 😂😂😂 I’m surprised someone hasn’t beat her up yet!”

Someone else pointed out, “Imagine a combat veteran who barely wants to come out of the house but has to. Then, here comes a YouTuber prankster. 😒 Leave people alone!”

However, Scarface’s tenacity was demonstrated in more than one episode. Watchers of “Baddies” could not take their eyes off the screen, always anticipating the next awkward moment in which Scarface would make eye contact with someone.

Scarface got into one of his first noteworthy fights at a pool party. When Scarface thought another cast member had disrespected her, what had begun as a lighthearted event quickly descended into chaos.

Scarface’s raw personality and fierce loyalty to people she cares about make her a fan favorite on “Baddies” despite the drama and ongoing conflicts.

Her ability to maneuver through and frequently win over confrontations has cemented her status as one of the most formidable characters on reality TV.

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