ShineMyCrown Spotlight: Aleesha Carter of @KacImagesPR

by Yah Yah

Aleesha Carter is the CEO of K A C, Images and U, LLC, a Boutique Firm that specializes in Public Relations, Publicity Management, Creative Branding, Lifestyle Marketing, Image Enhancement and Events.

Since founding her company on 2007, Aleesha’s company has worked with a steady flow of high profile clients, including K. Michelle, Rick Ross, Ka’Oir Cosmetics, LaTocha Scott, Capitol Records, the Saving Our Daughters Organization as well as her long-time client, Trina. Aleesha is one of the busiest publicists in the game and boasts one of the flyest wardrobes!

ShineMyCrown talks to Aleesha about her stellar marketing career and more!

ShineMyCrown: When did you first realize that you had a passion for Public Relations?

Aleesha Carter: My passion fueled from characteristics that is within a PR professional. In college, while finishing my Marketing degree, I took my first Public Relations class, and that is when I truly fell in love with the field of PR. My professor at that time worked for the Army as a PR Executive, and the class made me intrigued with the field. Immediately, I told him…this is so my lane; this is me!

SMC: How did you get your start?

AC: I moved to Atlanta in 2005, and at that time, I was still in corporate America. Even then, I was handling internal communications for the company that I was working for. Shortly after moving to the south, I got laid off after transferring to this location. In between such, I was facing some personal events that changed everything that I was comfortable with during my growth as a woman…so this catapulted significant change in my life professionally and personally. This period in my life opened doors for me in my writing and my profession in Public Relations. I was networking in the new market, while promoting my first published book entitled “One Last Love Letter,” and many people I met assumed from my energy and appearance that I was in Public Relations or Wardrobe Styling. This was 10 years ago, and I have not looked back. I am proud to celebrate 10 years in Public Relations, Branding, and Marketing as I continue to expand my brand and career.

SMC: How has PR evolved since you’ve been in the industry?

AC: Public Relations is an evolving field in business. Communications evolves regularly in our professional and personal lives as society evolves. Public Relations has expanded in its tools utilized and readily available, responsibilities within the field, strategies developed and implemented, platforms that are reachable, and job scope as professionals behind campaigns. Public Relations applies to all business types and pivotal in ROI including in the depth of social media and its abilities to transition consumers into customers.

SMC: What are your top Keys to Success for a young woman of color wanting to climb the ladder?

AC: *Keep focused in a world that can become your fulltime distraction
*Take advantage of social media and the power within it to build your career and network
*Research research research the field and key platforms
*Study and engage with the media platforms at large
*Practice your writing skills daily, including your creative characteristics
*Have humility yet be confident in your capabilities that you can bring to the table
*Write down your goals as a professional in any career, especially in Communications
*Love the value in building relationships in business

For the most part, I tend to challenge myself as a woman in business and Public Relations, as well as, always enthused to learn more about the field of Communications and Marketing to ensure I am marketable, indispensable, and enabled to determine my next steps in business.

SMC: You’ve worked with/ and still work with some of the industry’s top celebrities. Is it hard to stay grounded? AC: No, I absolutely love what I do, and the campaigns that I have been a part of. I learned to balance my worlds and continue to learn better ways to do such. I am a single mother as well, so it is pivotal to remain grounded because Public Relations as a career is not the easiest to handle on any level. One must possess a layer of skin that is not so easily damaged in most situations.SMC: What would you say the highlight of your career was?AC: I do not have one highlight thus far in my career, it is all a highlight, every step that is made. I love being a part of the creative process and strategy sessions on behalf of clients. It has been an amazing ride thus far, I mean I have accomplished so much thus far, so it is always highlights for me. I am here…still able to flourish…still consistent with work and implementations of rollouts. I just celebrated 10 years as a professional in this field and still going strong.SMC: You’re always working? Where do you find time to relax, and do YOU?AC: Balance is essential to happiness and growth, it is a must. I make sure that I have time, and force myself to do so. It was not always a priority for me in life because I became so focused on conquering and establishing my name and brand in Public Relations. Eventually, it caught up with me, and I was forced to balance carving out of time. At one point of my career, I was facing pain personally with the loss of my son after birth, as well as, my father six months unexpectedly after. This period of my life changed my perspective in how one should have focused on living life just as much as we focus on accomplishing our goals.SMC: We follow you on Instagram, so we know that you’re very into fashion. How many pairs of shoes would you say that you owned?

AC: *Laughs* Yes, I am very much into fashion and shoes. I am not the type that cares about labels or designers, more so, the actual fashion and what I see within the pieces from the brand. I have so many shoes that I do not even wear, but I am a lover of shoes that many can say. I have an entire room of nothing but fashion and shoes, but if I had to guess… over 300 pairs.SMC: Who are some of your favorite brands and why?AC: I have no faves honestly, I just love fashion and being able to create my own style from them, I love the style from the UK as well since visiting Toronto. I am an online shopper before I will go into a mall, and I love boutique type of brands. I will use mainstream brands for inspiration or creativity in general.

SMC: What are your top beauty tips for a young professional on the go?

AC: *Define your own style, fashion is only the door to do so. Trends are created in your confidence not being the norm
*Drink water water water
*Explore organic products at a young age
*DETOX periodically internally and externally
*Take vitamins daily

SMC: What’s next Aleesha?

AC: The world! I do not want to see limits even though I know life is defined from them. I am working towards expanding my brand and team globally. I am finishing my Master’s degree in Global Marketing, I graduate Summer 2018. I am working on releasing volume 2 of my e-book series entitled “Imperfectly Perfect Pitching.” In addition, I will be releasing my tee shirt line and brand entitled “Tees N Tudes.” Also, I am prepping a culinary dessert venture that I am planning for opening in the next 2 years.

SMC: What is Black Girl Magic to you?

AC: Black Girl Magic is the depth of what a woman of color has embodied within their personality, characteristics, and talents. It is the empowerment monologue that all things are possible and can be done once we as women of color embrace our internal magic in everything we do and foresee for our future.

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