Taylor Rooks And Joy Taylor Inspire as ‘Dreammates’ in Sports Industry Advocacy Campaign

by Gee NY
Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor. Image Credit: @joytaylortalks on Instagram.

In a powerful display of camaraderie and empowerment, sports broadcasters Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor are teaming up as “Dreammates” to champion the dreams of aspiring homeowners and break industry norms, particularly for Black women in sports, through a new campaign with Rocket Mortgage.

Partnering with Rocket Mortgage as the official mortgage sponsor of the 2024 NFL Draft, Taylor and Rooks are lending their voices to the “Dreammate” campaign, aimed at fostering hope, inspiration, and generational impact.

Casey Hurbis, Senior Vice President of Brand Experiences and Strategic Partnerships at Rocket Mortgage, expressed the campaign’s goal of creating positive change, aligning with the company’s longstanding commitment to community support.

The campaign spotlights Taylor and Rooks as influential Dreammates, celebrating the mutual support system they’ve cultivated throughout their careers while challenging industry norms and achieving personal milestones.

Rooks acknowleges the significance of having a Dreammate, highlighting the understanding and encouragement shared between herself and Taylor.

In discussing the lack of representation of women, particularly Black women, in higher positions within the sports industry, Rooks underscored the importance of visibility and excellence in their roles.

Both Taylor and Rooks spoke about the need for women to excel in their fields, acknowledging the challenges and opportunities they face as leaders in sports broadcasting.

The campaign also sheds light on the challenges faced by women in sports administration, as highlighted by a recent McKinsey report, which revealed disparities in sponsorship and skillset confidence compared to other industries.

As co-hosts of the “Two Personal” podcast and prominent figures in sports broadcasting, Taylor and Rooks shared personal anecdotes about their own Dreammates, recognizing the pivotal role of family support in their journeys.

Taylor praised her mother’s unique encouragement style, while Rooks credited her father for instilling confidence and a belief in limitless possibilities.

During the NFL Draft festivities in Detroit, fans engaged with the campaign using the hashtag #RocketDreammate, contributing to Rocket Mortgage’s donation to Habitat for Humanity. The initiative aims to make the dream of homeownership a reality for deserving individuals across the country.

Taylor and Rooks’ partnership with Rocket Mortgage exemplifies their commitment to empowerment and community impact, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and support one another along the way.

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