Police Fatally Shoot Woman Who Called 911 To Report That She Was Being Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend

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Image credit: The Guardian

In a devastating incident in Lancaster, California, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed 27-year-old Niani Finlayson, who had called 911 to report an attack by her former boyfriend.

The tragedy unfolded on December 4, and details surrounding the incident have sparked outrage and concern.

Finlayson had contacted the police, reporting that her ex-boyfriend was refusing to leave and that a struggle was taking place.

According to reports, when deputies arrived at the apartment, they heard screams and entered the premises. The victim, injured and seeking help, was inside with her nine-year-old daughter.

The exact circumstances leading to the fatal shooting remain unclear, and the LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has yet to release body-camera footage, according to one report on the bizarre incident.

Deputy Ty Shelton has alleged that Finlayson had a knife and posed a threat, the reason he opened fire.

However, Finlayson’s family disputes this account, asserting that she was a victim of domestic violence and posed no danger to the officers. Tragically, Finlayson, a mother of two, succumbed to “multiple gunshot wounds,” as reported by the coroner.

The victim’s daughter, Xaisha, witnessed the incident and spoke at a press conference, contradicting the police narrative. She called for Deputy Ty Shelton to be prosecuted, saying:

“She was my best friend. It’s unbelievable that she’s gone, and she’s not coming back. I miss my mom.”

This is not the first time Deputy Ty Shelton has been involved in such a case. In 2020, he fatally shot Michael Thomas, an unarmed 61-year-old man responding to a domestic violence call.

The circumstances mirrored the recent incident, and Shelton faced no charges, prompting questions about the LASD’s accountability.

Finlayson’s family has filed a legal claim against the county and the sheriff’s department, alleging wrongful death, assault, and civil rights violations. The incident has reignited concerns about law enforcement’s response to domestic violence cases and the treatment of Black women by the LASD.

Local advocates in the Antelope Valley region have called for Deputy Ty Shelton’s termination and prosecution. The LASD has faced previous accusations of using excessive force against Black women, contributing to broader concerns about accountability within the department.

The family’s attorney emphasized the irony of a victim seeking police assistance and tragically losing her life at the hands of those meant to protect her. A GoFundMe set up Kelebra Williams to raise $30,000 has so far $2,650 as of Thursday, December 21, 2023.

As the investigation unfolds, community members and advocates are urging for transparency, accountability, and justice.

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